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Adventures of my daliy commute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. As most of you know, i am back on the bike, and was on my daily commute into work today......was cruising into work in my usual fashion, little bit of lane filtering spliting (where safe to do so) dodging the cagers as best as possible, basically enjoying the weather my hobby and life in general :grin: , when all of a sudden i split up to the front of a set of lights, just as i get there and roll across infront of the front car, bike still balance, the lights go green (go go go) :cool: so i did in my usual lets see if i can empty the tank crossing one intersection, yep you guess it, made it across safely and was first one across, just after that, there is a a left hand sweeper no cars holding me up (woohoo) :grin: what a dream run.... setup for corner, tilt in accelerate (still there abouts at the speed limit, so wasn't being a d/head) :driver: , just as i am straighten up the bike, check my mirrors and there is a nice big shiny white bmw motorbike :facepalm: ](*,) (bet you can't guess what colour stickers and lights were on it) yep you guess it, Mr police man right behind me.... :facepalm: (Oppps) so stop (in my lane) mr policeman right behind me :oops: . I wait for all the traffic, he waits, finally get to the corner (only about another 50m up the road and i turn left, (what a suprise he turns left..... next set of lights i pull up so both of us can pull up beside each other. He says to just pull over... i say next side street fine, (him) yep, (me) np. So we cruise, to the next side street pull over, (still has't turned on lights an dsirens at this time). :eek: Turn the bike off, he says just pulled you over for a license check. Me, ah no problems (just coming off them only 2 weeks ago) :grin: :cool: has a quick check of the license, takes details as per usual. Seeya later...... hops back on his bike and rides of into the distance....... me (woohooo) me license away helmet back on, gloves on, (wooohooo again) :biker: top copper, wasn't the most talkive bloke around, but never the less, he did his job, checked my license, but didn't need to prove he was the boss of the roads, by going over the bike trying to find a something that was unroadworthy, (not that it is anyway just had new tyres fitted, and everything else is working fine.) or another reason for a ticket.

    So any way started bike and continued on my way to work.

    So guess there are 2 messages in here.

    One make sure you ride what you are license to ride ...... because you never know when you will get pulled over. :biker: or :moped:

    and two, there are some decent cops out there........ [-o< and hats off to this bloke (not because he let me get away with anything) but for the fact, i was in the right, and he had no desire to try and catch me out on something else once he knew i was licensed.

    Anyway thought a nice story would be a change from all the rider down threads..... stay safe out there, people and enjoy th enice weather \:D/

    cheers stewy :cool:

  2. Stewy
    i am sure that you would have crapped yourself soon as you saw him in the mirrors
    thinking to ur self "sh1t was i speeding or something ?"
    maybe he just wants to check out your bike
    good to hear you didnt get busted for anything

  3. In my experience bike cops are absolutely polar. Most are really good. A very few are total #$%#. Pretty much depends on if they are bike enthusiasts or want to be the next comissioner and just looking to get another ticket punched. :)
  4. yep that was the first thing that went through my head was shit what speed was i doing, but when i looked down i was just reaching the speed limit before i had to slow for traffic ahead anyway :) so all was sweet in that dept.
  5. good read.

    I had the local constable pull me over the other day...

    So he could ask where i got the bike and how much it was. Also wanted to know economy etc and a general chat. His son is buying a bike and wanted to ask about it :grin:

    top bloke.
  6. Dammit, now I'm all pissed that I'm in the cage today (7 boxes of books for the office just wouldn't quite fit in my backpack) and don't get to ride home! Cool tale, Drew, and maybe this thread can evolve
  7. Wasn't commuting yesterday... just heading back into the city at rush hour. When all of sudden the big grey clouds opened up and some lovely hail came down... it don't half hurt!!!!

    spent the next almost hour getting pelted trying to get my way from northside, to southside over the story bridge... it was not fun and made worse by those blody cagers who had decided to not leave enough room for me to split and get to the front. managed it eventually, but not an event I wish to repeat anytime soon!

    tell you what though.... thank the big man above (and hyosung!) for heated handgrips as standard - gotta love those warm toasty hands!!!