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Adventure touring/trail rides

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by positron007, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Nothing planned yet, but Spock, Anto, and I, are looking to convert a few more people.
    Feel free to post a ride you wanna do and we will do it.

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  2. BUNYIP!
  3. Is that a place?
  4. Sure is, not far from Nar Nar Goon :)
  5. Is that a place? :p
  6. Nar Nar Goon
  7. Book that in now.
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  8. So mate, you in for Sundy after choco trip to state forest?
  9. Do we have time to do both?
  10. Well, get there by lunch?, eat, leave (hour?), take the scenic route home? Play by ear, if it rains then I'm screwed haha.
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    Take a rope, I'll tow ya through the mud

    OK, it's on.
    Do we need a map? Do you have a planned route?
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  12. Cool.

    Map? pffft. na
  13. OK. Anyone else up for it?
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    I'll have gps, haven't got any paper maps, just going to explore. There is some nice tracks near Daylesford but I can lay down a route on some of the roads. :bolt: ;)

    Will have to take it is until I get a skid plate, my oil filter has already copped a beating from last time.
  15. No problem.
  16. Hey @positron007 if you're still interested in a burl on Sundy, let me know.
  17. Brilliant idea
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  18. Yeah was thinking of splitting from the group from the choco mill and heading through a state forest on the way back to Melbs.
  19. I'm still up for it