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Adventure Ride around OZ

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MarineMan, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. I am planning a trip around Oz for next year dates to be decided but at least 3-4 months.
    I have an Africa Twin. My previous bike was a Huyabusa so a bit of a change. Looking for recommendations tracks, places to see etc. anyone else doing a similar trip .

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  2. Welcome to the nuthouse mate.

    try posting up in the ride planning section as well - not everybody watches the welcome forum so you might get better response on there.
  3. Thanks I am new to this site
  4. Hi and welcome MarineMan, as GeorgeOGeorgeO suggested, post up in THIS section about your planned trip, it sounds great! I, for one, would be keen to catch up once you hit Melbourne and surrounds. There'll be no shortage of people offering tips, routes and advice for your journey on this forum(y) Perhaps post up some pics of your bike too:playful:
  5. Welcome, there are a couple of recent notable trips, that of ValvolineValvoline and a more on/off road experience from sjmhosjmho...
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  6. Oh drrooooool MarineManMarineMan ,
    Def post a thread up !!
    Some sweet experiences to be had, especially with the bike you have!

    Would love to go again... Have a look around the forum. Tonnes of info to check out.
    Where are you based?

    Glad to pass on some info once you have a bit more idea what/when/where :)

  7. Lol on the name dropping chillibuttonchillibutton ;)
  8. I'm a connecting sort of fella...
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  9. Welcome to NR...
  10. Welcome to NR... I'm planning on doing 'the lap' but unfortunately won't be off-roading the little CBR too much nor will I get 3-4 months which would be ideal - sounds fantastic!
  11. welcome aboard :)
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  12. Yes, was showing he had followed recommendation and the conversation continues in that thread.
  13. Welcome MarineManMarineMan
    I'm doing a 2 month trip in September/October. Not all the way around but about 12,000km. I should have some tips after that
  14. Thanks everyone for your replies: I will post some photos of the bike soon and get to reply to all of you. It should be a great ride, with plenty of time to explore and enjoy
  15. gday MarineManMarineMan and welcome to NR - I bet you're enjoying sitting upright on the bike for a change but that acceleration on the 'busa is sure hard to give up!
  16. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. Keep us posted and I would love to show you around my back yard.
  17. Finally joined a riders group / forum..new to this. Back on 2 wheels again after 6months of recovering glad i had insurance, spoiled myself with the tuono factory. looking to meet other riders and enjoy the twisties. Currently riding between goldcoast hinterland and northern nsw always keen for group rides and day trips
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  18. Oh cool 2uono2uono ,
    Best to do is to introduce yourself in your own thread in the Welcome lounge. More rides will see this and say g'day :)

    And ask you about your spoiling present on 2 wheels... There's a few guys here that have these beasts of a machine :p (chilliman64chilliman64 & itchinitchin.... Etc etc)

    Check out the Events thread for group rides near the GC - I try hold some in the region too.
    Welcome to the nuthouse forum tho :)!
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