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Adventure of a girl and her two wheels

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bee, Sep 14, 2015.

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    Instead of spamming the "Photo(s) from your ride " thread . This thread will be photos from my own adventures with Albert ( the bike that is ), from time to time some yummy food photos will make its own way here :)

    To start..the most recent trip with NedNed . Destination : Bright
    View attachment 39394

    First stop , to feed our gobs Milawa bakery cafe
    View attachment 39407

    Went through Mt.Buffalo ( my first time ever )
    View attachment 39395
    Next stop .. Tucker's corner
    View attachment 39397

    View attachment 39399

    View attachment 39400

    View attachment 39402
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  2. Tucker's Corner continued..feeling like am on top of the world here :D

    Mount Buffalo lookout


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  3. Nice pics.
  4. More photos of the girl please :sneaky:

    The look on your face while perched on the rock says you've been corner marking for over an hour:LOL:
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  5. good onya babe
  6. I want a trip like that, Daddy, and I want it NOW!!!
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    Day two was a rounder through Mount Hotham / Omeo / Mitta Mitta loop

    Now ..THIS part of the trip was my most favourite bit, not only that it was kept a surprise but also my first time taking my bike to snowy area :D
    Take note lads : If you want major brownie points ..this will get you there with the missus / GF / other half / etc ( hell it rained brownies for my other half :p )



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    OK now that we are done with the cold snow ... next destination is food , i mean Angler's rest :D


    Somewhere in Mitta Mitta ..

    Day Three is always the hardest part of our trips .. saying goodbye to Bright . This is the third time i have gone to Bright and EVERYTIME we leave ..the weather has always been this beautiful ( and that's mean..REALLY MEAN :( )



    This trip isn't complete unless there is food pics right ? Ginger Baker Cafe is a must visit for their delish breakky .

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  9. Top pics. Waiting on the yummy food photos :D
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    So this morning .. walked into my office thinking that my annual leave had been cancelled .. nope still there. So what's a girl to do on a gorgeous warm 25 degrees day whilst having post holiday blues and mondayitis ? Waddled out of work, waved to my co-workers goodbye ( more like see ya suckahs !! ) Went for a nice ride to Lorne with goddiegoddie .



    Here's a drool worthy picture of our lunch ..just incase you were wondering where the hell is that food picture that was mentioned at post #1 :D


    So folks ..after spending four glorious days riding and giving my Albert lots of love i'm all twistied , hair pinned and tapped out. Until the next adventure :D
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  11. What an adventure! The pictures are gorgeous BeeBee :D
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  12. Is that you, hiding down behind the tree in the beach/bikes shot?
  13. Super photos!!!
  14. Thanks GoldenberriGoldenberri hope you can join next time :D

    NedNed i wish!! should've taken bathers there as well !!

    Thanks all for visiting and hope you've enjoyed all the pretty photos
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  15. Gorgeous photos...

    And those food photos look awesome as well.

    I thought goddiegoddie was on a diet. :D
  16. Did i mention there was ice cream involved on this short trip too ? diet starts on non-riding days , didnt you know ? :p
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  17. Fabulous photos of what must have been some awesome riding BeeBee
  18. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing brilliant photos BeeBee :)
  19. I am so thoroughly jealous BeeBee, I got to ride to work and sit in my office looking at the awesome weather...

    Glad you had an amazing few days!
  20. Monique at the Ginger Baker Cafe is an old friend and welcomes riders. They even give a BMW Club discount :D