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Adventure lifestylists: how do they do it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Farab, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. How do these adventure types do it? I always wonder at sportsmen that sail around the world, jump out of airplanes or do a motorcycle trip through Africa or Europe "every 5 minutes" How do they do it?! How do you pay the bills and seemingly get to be on a never ending extreme/adventure holiday? I realise the likes of Charlie and Ewan already have funds, but surely not everyone that does or has an adventure/extreme sport lifestyle, has unlimited funds from an acting career or trust fund?

    Do these people just hold their hand out with over confidence and approach sponsors, if so what about an established track record, or lack thereof, when you are doing it the first few times? E.g. the 17 year old that circumnavigated the world recently - did he and others like him just knock on boatbuilders doors and say: "give me a yacht I'm going to sail around the world"

    And its not just extreme sportsmen that I'm talking about. There's loads of ordinary people that just sail, ride, pedal, etc. around the world for years on end.

    How do they do it financially?
  2. Savings
    Rich parents
  3. it's called sacrifices......it's about whats important to you
  4. More importantly, who pays the two guys in Supernatural? They've just driven round America for about 4 years now, staying in hotels, and don't have a job. WTF?
  5. Still, how do you do it financially? The avarage man in the street doesn't have a spare 200 000 to purchase a serious ocean going yact, kit it out & have change left for supplies, running costs, medical attention etc. What do you do when sailing around the world year after year - work illegally in each port/city you arrive?
  6. ah right, sorry was more answering your adventure holidays....yeah the sailing one nfi.....guess instead of owning a house they own a boat :?
  7. I was at the Scott24 on the weekend and I had the same question.

    most of the "extreme" mountain bikers and downhillers do it for the passion. They maybe get $5k for a win, and then they work in bike shops, flat share, and stuff like that.

    I had a mate on the aussie ultimate frizbee team and he travelled the world for about 2 years playing frizbee full time. That involved working like a dog in the lead up to it, and relying on the hospitality of the frizbee community for accomodation, and occasionally sleeping in the odd ditch here and there.

    I think stewy and bonk nailed it - not so much with the rich parents - but with savings, sacrifice, and sponsorships (for the really good ones).

    I could do it for a few years meself with the savings I have, but have decided instead to get a house - the opportunity cost of the great australian dream is not having the adventure lifestyle.

  8. yeah you gotta be a little cashed up to do that for sure. But it is not impossible for the rest of us -my high school physics teacher saved up for a boat and put his house out for rent and he and his missus have been sailing from port to port for the last 4-5 years. helluva retirement!
  9. I can't tell you about yachties, but I've talked to a good few cyclists and motorcyclists on the year-or-so trip.

    Mostly it's a lot of savings, sometimes it's the sale of property, very occasionally it's inherited wealth. Once you've bought the equipment, visas, flight tickets etc. it's not that expensive once you get into the third world. Food is cheap, accommodation is cheap or you can camp, cyclists don't need fuel and in any case it's still cheaper in many places. And the generosity of people in other, poorer parts of the world would amaze you.

    The backpacker circuit (which is everywhere now) means you can pick up casual work in a lot of places, which may pay for ongoing maintenance and give the savings a boost. If you've got employable skills, are resourceful, stay healthy and your gear stays together you can almost go on indefinitely with only a small infusion of funds.

    On the other hand, people DO get themselves into strife at times.

    The people who get sponsorship are usually on a tighter deadline and need to deliver results to pay their way. Someone like Nick Sanders relies pretty much on sales of books and videos to pay off his bills.
  10. Anyone else love watching the post-medal interviews with the snowboarders at the Winter Olympics??
    They're all 17 year old stoners from California who's parents have been taking them to Aspen for skiing lessons since they were 6.

    "So how many hours a day do you practice your snowboarding??"
    "Well, we just kinda do it all the time... like for fun."

    "Is there a strict exercise regime you follow?"
    "Nah, dude, we take the chair-lifts up the mountain. That's what they're there for."

    "What time do you get up in the morning to start training?"
  11. Apology in advance for the completely unrelated post <red face here>

    They've got some sort of credit card scam going ... pay attention dude :D

    That said, the first season was quite ok when it was all about action, killing demons, etc ... then they had to get all soppy and build a real story into it. Same as Buffy ... anyone remember the early ones? Hot chick kicking, punching & stabbing vampires ... great entertainment. Then all the romantic and "complex" stuff got built into it at the expense of action. Couldn't even watch it for the girls anymore after that ... ba$tards!!!

    Sorry, no real contribution to the thread ... other than what was said already ... for most it's about making sacrifices for what they love doing ... and why not?! You're only young once.
  12. They dont ask that question.
  13. If you want to pursue it for yourself, get some biographies of people who have done it and read! That will help those previous heros to pay their outstanding bills, or get a deposit together to buy a house and catch up to the rest of us in material acquisitions. :D