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Adventure is taking inappropriate equipment to out-of-the-way places

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Hi guys just wanted your opinion on a trip Im considering doing.

    Broke up with my girlfriend and want to get out of town for a bit. Ive got a friend up in Main Beach QLD, which is right near Surfers Paradise, who said I should come up and party for a week or two :)

    The distance is about 900ks and 12 hours up the pacific highway according to google maps:

    The bike: My bike is a peice of junk. Its a '93 Kawasaki ZZR250 with 42,000ks on the clock and it hasnt aged gracefully. Ive had a lot of small problems with the bike but I contribute most of these as being from old age and not looked after (until I got hold of it)

    Things that have gone wrong with the bike:
    - Radiator got a hole, fixed it with one from a wreckers
    - A coolant hose got a hole, again fixed it myself
    - headlight blew, the plastic connector had melted, shoved a new bulb in and cleaned it up a bit, seems to still be working fine 2 months later.
    - This is an ongoing problem, when I got the bike, the tank had been resprayed and some paint or something got into the tank which clogged up the carbs after every 3 or so tanks of fuel, I kept cleaning out the filter until the carbs got blocked, so then I cleaned the carbs and got a new tank. But the new tank had some shit in it too and in the 5 - 6 months ive had the new one, it has blocked the carbs twice.
    - the starter solonoid was dirty or something which caused the bike to not turn over when I pressed the start button, I cleaned it up and it seems to be working so far. but I can bump start a bike if necessary.
    - A whole host of other niggling problems like indicators becomming disconnected and mechanics forgetting to put the ground wire back on the battery, the kickstand switch's bolts falling off etc...

    So Im a little pessimistic about taking my little Kawi on a long trip, granted it has been going well for the last 2 or so months and these issues shouldnt happen again.
    I will service it, and clean the fuel filter and carbs before I leave.

    And some other things, Ive never been on the pacific highway before (heading up) is it a long straight road? whats the average speed limit? cause sitting on 110 - 120 on my 250 gets pretty tiring very quickly.

    Should I aim to do the whole trip up in one day? the most Ive ridden in one day is maybe 300ks without getting off the bike, I will get some more practice in before I go to get used to it.

    Just wanted to hear what you guys think, fun? suicide? both?

    Should I just take the car? :-s

  2. I would say not in one day. You're asking for trouble (fatigue etc.)
  3. Pacific Highway from Newcastle to QLD starts off as mostly-two-lane freeway, alternating between 110kph (dual-carriageway) and 100kph.

    The further you head north, the more the road turns into a one-lane-each-way highway with frequent interruptions by roadworks and towns, with speed limits between 50-60kph.

    For all intents and purposes, Pacific Highway is a straight, boring and frustrating (traffic making it hard to overtake, frequent roadworks, frequent towns) road. Mind you, the other major alternative (New England Highway) isn't much different.

    I much prefer heading down the middle of the two, via Thunderbolts Way, Waterfall Way, Summerland Way... They're much more interesting roads (often quite twisty) with a lot less traffic and fewer interruptions. It's a longer distance, though, and more remote.

    Gotta go get dinner now. I'll add map links or something when I get back. :)
  4. Thanks mate, I think for the trek up there I wanna get there as soon as I can, but on the way back Ill possibly find some nicer roads, take my time and make the most of it.

    Also I went to MCAS today for their sale and got a pair of oxford saddlebags and an oxford tank bag and some new grips. :)
  5. This is the Pacific Highway route. Pretty run of the mill.

    Or, the twisty-filled route;
    over here. Thunderbolt's Way is a very fun uphill twisty run, Waterfall Way is great fun heading West to East. Summerland Way around Dorrigo is spectacular.

    From Grafton to Brisbane is a bit less interesting until you reach Mt Lindesay, but maybe someone else can suggest things.
  6. Thanks, Ill give Thunderbolts Way a run on the way back, so then it will be downhill ;)
  7. Mmm, it's... so-so going downhill (my first experience of it was downhill, at night time). Uphill is much more fun. :)
  8. Pfft! Newish (90s) powerful 250 and you're just going up the road!

    Do it, you'll have no problems. And if you do, that'sjust part of riding. :)
  9. Wait until schoolies has wound up, the whole area is farked at the moment. Might sound like fun, but if you get caught up in it you just become a toolie and a target for cops/media etc.

    I'd say go for the trip, but avoid Surfers or any other main centres for the next couple of weeks. Consider a stop at Port Macquarie or Coffs for an overnighter to break it up if you haven't done much long-haul stuff. I think you'll be fine with the ride and with your bike, just stop often for a drink/stretch/change focal length. Get/Upgrade NRMA membership just in case the bike decides it doesn't wanna.

    Then go for it. Spots twisty loop is fun if you want to take the scenic route. Have a blast.
  10. haha matt, yeah ive read a few of your ride reports :p
    I went to schoolies and im over all that now, im mostly goin up to see my friend and beach it for a few days. on the way up im gonna stay at a friends place in newcastle, which breaks up the trip a little bit, but if i get tired im not too proud to recognise that lol, and i will stop and bum around somewhere for another night, not on a tight schedual or anything :)
  11. Any decent modern bike should eat the trip. For what it's worth, though, I do recommend breaking the trip down to a 2 day run. Look at your map and find a spot about half-way and stop there. Country pubs are fantastic. Cheap rooms, cheap food and nearly always some secure accommodation for the bike. Have fun.
  12. great advice already given here, all i want to add is just do it, bike trips are a hoot and make sure to take pics and write a rr on return :beer: