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Advantages of a good set of cans - and I mean exhausts ;)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Trotski, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. I've just bought a new Suzuki SV1000S and am wondering whether I could put a pair of exhausts on (Yoshi's probably). What are the advantages of these after-market exhausts and are they worth it?
    Can anyone recommend a set of cans that will go well with my bike?

  2. the biggest advantage will be the rumble from them! It would be a lot different than the standard noise...

    Also a good thing to let cars know when you're around.

    Yoshis will suit the bike perfectly (most are made for suzukis), you'll get a noticeable increase in low down power, and a little more up top probably, it depends on how restrictive the standard exhaust is. You may need to adjust the fuelling to get the most gains out of it though, on your fuel injected bike this will mean you need to get a power commander or other adjustable fuelling unit.

    It might be best to talk to some dyno operators/tuners that have worked on your bike and ask them for their opinions. Not all FI bikes necessarily need retuning.
  3. you might get an increase of around 3 HP if you a) put on aftermarket cans, b) get a K&N Air Filter, and c) get the bike dyno tuned.

    I got an increase of 3.4 HP
  4. I heard from a work colleague that you can also expect a slight improvement on fuel efficiency. Is this true? :?:
  5. They'll set off car alarms as you crooze along the road - that's a good test of their effectiveness :LOL:
  6. ah - NO!!!
    after fitting an aftermarket can & high flow air filter, your bike will be running lean & will need to be tuned to get the air/fuel mixture right.

    once they increase the amount of fuel going in, then your bike will be ever so slightly LESS efficient.

    I spose if you fitted the can & filter & didn't bother tuning the bike then it might be more efficient...but i'd definitely tune it.
  7. Mine sets off a scooter alarm where occassionally I park. Lots of fun to play with... :twisted:
  8. Re: Advantages of a good set of cans - and I mean exhausts ;

    • Sound better
      Some think they look better
      Usually lighter than standard system
      Can run cooler than standard system
      Can make more power than standard system
  9. The power gains are almost unnoticeable on most bikes. Some, like the Suzuki Bandit 1200, gain quite a large amount of power from having restrictive mufflers replaced. The original mufflers are usually made the way they are for Euro 3 emissions compliance.

    I can tell you that only the most experienced riders would notice an extra 3 horses on a 100hp bike. You might notice some change in power delivery, the bike might feel weaker at the bottom and midrange and stronger up top, or vice versa.

    The main reason that people spend thousands of dollars on aftermarket exhaust systems is because they sound nicer, and make the ride more involving in that sense. You might not be going faster, but it's louder and that can make it more exciting.

    And FWIW, I've never heard a Yoshimura exhaust that I liked the sound of, I think they sound woofy and farty.
  10. Yep I agree. For tha money they are average :roll:
    Megacycle make kick arse cans for twins IMHO :wink: