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Advanced Training Courses - Brisbane

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Reporting in the correct area - apologies Mods...

    Just looking at some of the available advanced rider training courses that are around the Brisbane area, that are decent.

    My birthday is coming up, and I think family and friends are going to tip in, or buy me a course.

    From what I can see, there are;

    - Morgan and Wacker
    - HART
    - Stay upright

    Any others? And what are people's thoughts and experiences of these places? I'm not looking at being a 'boy racer' trying to do fast laps to drop a knee. I want to develop my technique and skill more and to be the best and safest rider that I can.

  2. I did one through Team Moto, think it was titled Advanced Road course or something similar. Held at Mt Cotton. Really enjoyed the day, learnt a lot about the bike and my skills improved significantly.

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  4. I did the Advanced 1 at Lakeside. I learnt a lot and it helped a bit with my cornering at faster speed, also worked a lot on u-turns and figure 8's. I got a lot out of the day and think it was worthwhile.
  5. ametha that was the HART or Stay Upright Advanced 1?

    What made you choose that over the intermediate?
    (Maybe the intermediate is aimed at new riders just post getting their licence?)
  6. No, it was through Stay Upright. I spoke to one of the instructors prior to booking and told them how much experience I had, and which course they would recommend, and it was the Advanced 1 they put me onto. The follow up to the Advanced 1 is the Cornering and Braking course Advanced II and I want to do that at some stage. I don't know anything about the Intermediate course, sorry.
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  8. No special cover was required, as far as I can remember (it was 2 years ago so memory is a bit hazy :))
  9. I've worked for a few.
    I'm with miss A E.
    Last lesson I taught at mnt Cotton I was restricted to 80kmp/h and no noise on the back strait. .....Strait, a farked great dip into a 20kmp/h left hairpin.
    How do I teach someone at 80. How do I take someone out of their old comfort zone into their new one @80.
    Stay upright, Champions both do bris. Think SU uses Lakeside, a great technical track. And champions QR. For mine Qr sucks as a race track but is pretty brilliant as a training track for med to ad riders
    An advanced course, even a road course should be taught at a track for mine. Mnt Cotton has no run off except the hairpin.
  10. bretto I agree re QR being the world's most boring race track. Lakeside is great but that downhill and right hander onto the straight is no fun if you miss the corner.....
  11. I did the Stay upright Intermediate at Mt cotton (IIRC), and was pretty dissappointed. Emergency braking from 60 (I practice that pretty much every week), figure eights ("just do some figure eights") and, as bretto says, a road course with noise restrictions limited to 80. With the VFR running an unbaffled pipe, it was a very sedate, rev limited 80.
  12. Doing a bit of diging on the ole' interweb.... and from what I can gather, it looks like the Advanced I course fro Stay Uprght or the Rider Skills 1 from Morgan an Wacker seem like they are good. Both have a theory session the night before.

    Might have to check these out further.
  13. I did the SU one back in 2006 I think, probably different now I cant remember speed restrictions but def had noise restrictions then. That run with the others in the closed loop after lunch was def the highlight of the day. I think you're covered by your insurance under that course too. I did the next one (braking & cornering) at qr a year later, it was ok. But all it did was get me interested riding the track, which is good I guess. & if you have dosh to spend on this, then go see the guys at CCS when they do QR on the 23&24th of this month, or Bernie at toprider. There's something about lakeside that I cant put my finger on that just doesnt feel right about it. Cool track, but so unforgiving.
  14. Someone gave me a voucher for the HART course at Christmas. I got onto them in early January, and am still waiting for them to put me in somewhere.

    Edit: What I'm saying is, probably don't go with HART if you want to do a course this year.
  15. Are HART so popular and busy? Or just so slack?
  16. I think they do a lot of Q-Ride courses, but not a lot of anything else.
  17. Cheers....
  18. Update: they're actually running an Advanced course this Saturday. It's the first non-Q-Ride course this year. :)
  19. After my enquiry QBE has added the Stay Upright Advanced 1 Skill Development course to their approved list meaning aprticipants are covered by insurance while undertaking it. Good result.
  20. When I checked with Swann Insurance, they said that as long as the training place was an accredited Q Ride establishment, then I would be covered.

    They don't cover any place that does purely advanced training or track days without being Qride accredited.