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Advanced riding courses

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Conquest, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. G'day folks

    I'm very interested in doing an advanced riding course. I've stepped upto the super sport ranks, and have decided my "touring" riding style could so with some tweaking.

    Just after some suggestions/experiences so I can choose the right course for me.

    Ride on.
  2. I can highly recommend the Stay Upright Advanced 1 course. I did that last year and thought it was excellent. I want to do the Advanced 2 course as soon as I can afford it.
  3. Superbike school. Everyone who I've talked to who has done any of their courses swears by it. What they teach is just as applicable to the road as it is for the track.
  4. HART is another option, at least in Vic. Advanced I is good. Only seem to run the Advanced II at Broadford once a year.
  5. Superbike school +1
  6. Where are you?
  7. I would be calling and asking what they do.
    But first you might need to do a bit of self evaluation.
    HART, Team Moto and stay upright as well as a few other, Morgans so forth, do good advanced courses. Stage 1. Being a step up from a beginner course.
    If it's heavy braking, slow speed maneuvers and more safety related issues you need to brush up on then all those are good at what they do.
    If it's riding faster, lines through corners and safety issues then the SBS is the go. They are more expensive. but how can you put a price on what will save your life.
  8. Stay Upright 1 was one i did when i got the CBR to brush up my skills on a new bike and got a lot out of it but you won't get a lot of higher speed cornering practice as its mainly emergency braking, swerving, body position etc. Good intro if you want to do stage 2 on the track though.

    Champions Ride Days do instruction as well, a friend and i did it at Broadford and found it very good and ended up with a current ASBK champion as our instructor. Pluses are great instructor and it was only $125 on top of the $150 track day fee and inbetween sessions we could talk as much as we wanted with him. Minuses were that the instruction group heads out with the general groups so you can get separated from the instructor after a while when people start passing/dropping back.

    Top Rider with Bernie Hatton would be a great one to do as well as he trains/ed a lot of top level racers, small groups but like CSS can be expensive.