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Advanced Riders Course in Brisbane

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by carolf_au, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. I only just got my licence, but I'm aiming to do an advanced riders course in January 2008 (Xmas present?!?).

    I'd like to hear from fellow NR's who have done an advanced course - where did you do it, did they provide the bike, what gear will I need, and most of all - what was it like??

    Looking forward to your varied opinionated replies.... :grin:
  2. I've done two sessions with Q-Ride (Restricted and Open) but have yet to do an advanced course. Would def be interested in doing one, though.

    Where are you planning on going???
  3. i haven't done one yet either. but am hoping to get one as well. i really want to do the stay upright course on mt cotton. heard lots of good things about them. only problem for me is that they are on fri night and saturday. and being in hospitality, they are 2 days that i almost always work.
  4. I've done a braking and cornering course at Mt cotton, It was a little while ago though, but I did get a lot out of it. (lucky the volvo I clipped was a foam one :LOL: )
    My mate did the toprider one at Willowbank, he said it was good as well.

    You need to use your bike as they don't supply them, and you will need all your gear, minimum jacket, long pants etc.

    The toprider one involved emergency braking on the drag strip, and cornering on the go kart track in the afternoon, apparently quite a challenge.

    The stay upright one was braking, low speed manouvering on the skid pad in the morning and cornering on the circuit they have there in the afternoon.

    Either will be good, but due to you being relatively new I'd point you towards the Stay Upright one, purely because if the venue.
  5. Hmmm, wonder if we could organise a group discount for NR members to do one (or both) of these courses???
  6. I've still got a free voucher for an Advanced Riding course after doing Qride quite a while ago. It was a TeamMoto voucher so which course would that be?

    Any idea if you need a registered bike, or will a track bike do seeing as though they all sound to be private track work only?

    I could of course call them... :p
  7. The team moto courses are done at mt cotton

    I'm pretty sure the bike has to be registered and roadworthy
  8. I'd consider one now I'm on the TRX but would want to ensure I had the bike a lot more "crashworthy" than it is now. Always a good recommendation before pushign yourself to do things you're not used to.

    Go put some oggy knobs on now - but I suspect they are too short :(
  9. That's my concern with doing an advanced course on my bike. My paint's $1500/L!!! I really can't afford to keep dropping it. :p
  10. I'd recommend doing a course when it's cooler! In the middle of summer you're just going to melt out there. :shock:

    I did one with Team Moto last year, basically the same thing as the Stay Upright course. Was well worth it!
  11. Thanks for the responses guys!! Looks like the Mt Cotton facility is the only one around!
    I'll get on to Pro Honda and tell Peter to get something organised for his faithful Q Ride success stories!!

    Keep those responses coming - there has to be more than just Mt Cotton??? :?
  12. Did someone mention Stay Upright yet? Scroll down to the Qld courses. Some are at Willowbank, some at Mt Cotton.
  14. Sorry I missed that bit - spent the day at Aus Zoo with three kids - eyes are hanging out of my head!!!

    Is Willowbank a training day, or a trackday??
  15. Training. Click the link, girlfrieeeend. :wink:

    Thanks, Tanya! :grin:
  16. Ok I get it... :)

    Thanks for your help, but, honestly, I don't think I could get out of bed by 8 on a Saturday, let alone ride 15 minutes to Willowbank!!!!!

    Well, not this week anyway!!! I'm sure I'll get there by January!! And Pr Honda does an advanced course - POA - so I'll go see Karen and Darryl and find out what they do, and where they do it - will keep you posted.
  17. That Willowbank kart track is my 2nd home. :grin: I'd do one of those just for a chuckle at some of the bigger bikes trying to get around there (very tight!).... except for the price.

    A usual track day there is $50.
  18. Thanks Devotard! I kinda think it would be sad puttering around there on my 250 after watching the Superbikes hammer it out next door!!!

    I guess if my insurance covers me, a track day would be an option!
  19. For sure, I'm doing my very first track day on the 7th :)
  20. $1500/L!!!!! :shock: What kind of paint is that????

    I'd be interested in an advanced course. I've done the HART training down the coast - this is more about Road Craft than technical skills, but it was good. Tiring, but good.

    However, like some people here, I too would like to be a bit more comfortable and confident on my new bike before I try something 'advanced'.... :grin: