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Advanced rider training in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Cheeba, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys, I've just bought an FZ6n and want to do an advanced course - can anyone recommend, or critique HART or any of the other courses available? I'm assuming the Californian courses are geared to track and not road. Thanks in advance.

  2. I wrote a review of the HART Intermediate course here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=106238

    You need to do their Intermediate before you can do Advanced I or Advanced II, and you can do it on a Hornet 600. I haven't ridden an FZ6n, but my guess is they are in the same kind of ballpark.
  3. Im interested in the opinion on the stay upright course at broadford as i was thinking of doing this later in the month before i do my first track day.
  4. +1 to Zenali - I also added my 2c re the Stay Upright intermediate on his thread :)

    stay upright training r an outstanding training organisation imo, I'll b back to do their Advanced Courses early next yr....

    btw - a track day & a training day are quite different from what I've been lead to believe. if its skills training u want then do a course - anything else do a track day
  5. I did the "Learner Road Craft" Stay Upright course at Hopper Crossing. They said it was exactly the same as their Intermediate course.

    Closed track, lots of cornering practice.
  6. I am booked into advanced 1 broadford course saturday 28th ,looking forward to it.Was originally booked for wednesday 18th but they cancelled that day and are only doing 28th in november.
  7. They cancelled the 18th? Damn i was going to do that one. Ah well looks like ill have to do the one on the 28th.

  8. I guess that's true but having done superbike school levels 1 to 3 I'd say without a doubt that it has improved my road riding immeasurably.

    I've done a couple of HART advanced courses and they were useful, consisting of mostly very slow speed drills. But for me nothing beats superbike school for the combination of training value and excitement. Although, doing it at PI probably helps.

    I think the main difference is that HART courses teach you skills, but superbike school also teaches how to approach your riding in a way that makes it more enjoyable and relaxing (and faster, if you want) all at the same time.

    Just pick any course to start with, and aim to do them all...eventually.
  9. Go Cheeba you good thing!!! Congrats on the purchase. Kermit will have no chance of keeping up now. Its going to be all number plate for me from now Im afraid. I wonder if you will still be able to hear Kermit the Baflectomy Boy anymore?

    I know that Armstrongs, (like it sounds most other Bike Course - Learner/Permit places) do various courses that your after (group tuition and 1 on 1 skills training at an intermediate and advanced level)

    It might also be worth sussing out the generous folk on Netrider who make their time available to be mentors. (I assume for a fee per hour or how ever it works depending on the situation/event etc).

    Its in the 'New Riders & Riding Tips' section - Ive been contemplating PM'ing a few of these contacts recently myself, just for the edge to help me through a few mental barriers. Might be what you need just to get you started and then you can asses your options from there...


  10. Just did this today. Was excellent:D Really helped with cornering & great to have a little track to wizz around.
  11. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Still got a big grin on your face?
    Can't stop saying 'awesome' ?
  12. It was awesome. So hot today so every opportunity to fly around the track was great. I even got a dink on the back of the instructor's bike for 2 laps. :cool:
  13. Im doing the stay upright cornering and braking course this thursday at broadford which I now see is going to be 36c !!!. I'll post a summary afterwards. cheers
  14. So I did the stay upright cornering and braking course at broadford yesterday. It turned out to be about 38c and was stinking hot when we werent on the bikes. In all it was a good day and fun. There were only 12 of us so plenty of room on the track. The course covered posture, cornering set up, braking, leaning into the corner, looking further up the road, correct lines. also did some obstacle avoidance around cones on both the straights. We rode the track in the opposite direction at the end of the day which was really different. There was plenty of track time and each exercise followed with a lap so by days end I think I had done about 30+ laps.
    Being a fairly new rider (15 mths) I probably should have done the intermediate course first. I was the slowest by a mile. A few guys there had done it and recommended it. The instructors were pretty good.
    2 criticisms however - the only direct feedback I got was late in the afternoon so I only got 3 laps to practice what I had been told. would have been nice to have this in the morning so I could practice more. Also the cost at $380 is steep. Not sure Id do another one at that price. I see you can now get private coaching at any broadford track day for $150 its graded Level 1,2 & 3 (see the champion site) , this maybe a better option ? Has anyone done this ? be interested to hear.