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Advanced Rider Training Advice Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by ricohard, Feb 17, 2012.


Which do you rate above the rest?

Poll closed Feb 22, 2012.
  1. HART

    2 vote(s)
  2. Stay Upright

    1 vote(s)
  3. Superbike School

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  1. Hey!

    Im looking at the 3 schools Melbourne has ATM for advance training and would appreciate some feed back on other riders experiences.

    HART, Stay Upright and Superbike school.

    Starting at the ADV-1 level for HART & StayUp
    Level 1 for SupSch as you have to start level 1.

    Ive spent the last year on an R6 and am looking at some better training and track day fun before the weather gets crap. Ive never tracked before. All courses seem relatively the same, HART being the cheapest. HART and StayUp are recognised by insurance companies so premiums go down which is nice....

    Whats the overall feel about these courses?


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  2. Will be watching this thread.
    Have been riding for a few decades, but my wife says i may have 2 yrs experience, 15 times over -maybe she is right. Sure feel like i have plenty to learn still.

    Have recently ditched the cruiser for a lighter, sportier bike, and have been considering csbk school as a way of making the envelope bigger, not necessarily to ride faster, but to have a bigger margin for error.
    Ride every day, mainly urban, but enjoy a day in the hills, or a blast over a few states or countries.

    Certainly see quite a few riders that could benefit from more skills.
  3. I am also interested as I want to get into doing some serious track days on the new Blade. I have heard nothing but great reviews of the California Superbike School courses.
  4. I have been to the Advanced rider 1 course for stay upright and would recommend it. I can't speak for the other schools as i haven't had any business with them.

    The first stay upright course is very road orientated dealing mainly with low speed maneuvering, low and high speed cornering & braking, correct road lines and obstacle avoidance & countersteering. They also go into correct riding attitude etc. The second level then applied from there onto track techniques, but only runs when they have the numbers.

    Great day at broadford, the track is superb and you can do everything at your own pace with lots of feedback from instructors. Any type of motorcycle is welcome
  5. Biggest bang for your buck is stayupright advanced @ broadford. Does heaps of cornering if the syllabus hasn't changed plus advanced bike handling skills.

    HART Advanced 1 is their intermediate course on steroids. Pretty good for High level bike handling & some good cornering. Probably better for you Pete. Advanced 2 is where the fun is at though, track based fanging!

    CSBS is focused on one thing only, but it's eye opening. Cornering. Full stop.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  6. Cheers for the feedback.

    Booked myself in for stayup adv-I.
    Will post back once complete.

    Will get that out of the way and then start thinking about supsch for the track day antics.
  7. Also, with stay up you need your own bike which make more sense to me.
    Not much point of building skills on a different type of bike if you ride a sports.
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  9. Anyone got some more recent feedback on each of these courses, value for money etc? I want to do a course on a full size track, but want to improve my street riding and not risk my insurance coverage while I'm doing the course....
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  13. So far the hart 3 looks like what I'm after, except that they want you to do the 1 and 2 first....
  14. and the advanced 3 isn't necessarily at Broadford anymore. last one I asked about was at a go kart track, which may not be a bad thing.
  15. Have you considered the advanced track day course with Ridetek. They are located at Sandown park raceway and do an excellent track day covering all aspects of advanced road and track techniques. I did a course at the Sandown track which was awesome but I know they also do them at Broadford.
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  16. Rang HART today regarding the Advanced 2 course. Its suspended currently, as their track provider is closed (temporarily I believe)

    I too am looking at taking the 1st class since getting my license some 18 months ago.
  17. I've done the HART courses - good stuff.

    I think the curriculum has changed somewhat....when I did it - it was Advanced 1, 2, 3

    Now I think it is Intermediate, Advanced 1, 2?
  18. Currently I'm tossing up between Hart Level 1 at Somerton, and Ride-Tek out at Sandown. I only have 18 months experience, but get into to hills reasonably often. Both have their good and bad points. Sandown more fun, but fear of sliding my own bike not so much fun...
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    I did Hart intermediate a good few years ago when it was at Tullamarine, I did Advanced 2 recently at the police training circuit at Atwood. I failed at the 90 cornering slow speed, I couldn't keep my head up and once you look down you're finished. I found the emergency braking from 80+ slightly bowel loosening. Braking hard while transitioning from tarmac onto wet grass was interesting, I managed to activate the ABS on the grass.

    They tried teaching me blipping the throttle to revmatch while downshifting and braking simultaneously, that's not something I'm used to. It seems counter-intuitive to apply the throttle when you're trying to slow down. I have engine locked my rear downshifting into a corner before, so it is something I need to practice. Braking hard mid-corner I was fine at, having plenty of experience hammering into blind corners too fast.

    You get one of these for the day Photo Feature: Honda CB650F, naked style so you can ride it hard around the tight course, without worrying about binning your own pride and joy. Overall it was a good kick in the arse, would recommend.
  20. You're blipping with the clutch in - so there's no engagement.
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