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Advanced Rider courses?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by timmeh, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've tried several searches for something relevant on here, but to no avail.

    I am trying to figure out which riding course I want to attend to. I want a nice advanced course which will cover cornering, and safe riding at all speeds.

    I've already done Q-ride twice, once for my RE and again for my R.

    I'd really like to attend the California Superbike School, because I have been reading some Keith Code, and really enjoy it/agree with it. The problem is, I am in Brisbane, and it's down in NSW/VIC. It's also quite expensive.

    There are a couple of schools I have already found in the SE QLD area, but I have no idea what sort of reputation they have.

    Anybody here done any post-licence courses in queensland??
  2. i'm looking at doin the stay upright cornering and braking course hopefully around november when i get some funds again :p its at Mt Cotton.. and they do range of speeds in both cornering and braking.. so would probably cover most of what you looking for i'm thinking??? they also have advanced riding courses there too....
  3. i've got a voucher for the teammoto training also at mt cotton.

    think their whole course lasts about 8 hours, costs something like $225 for the day.

    their's more details on their website (teammoto.com)
  4. nice one Mac... i think got other way round when i explained too... from what i just saw on the webstie www.stayupright.com.au the cornering and braking is for ADVANCED riders.... they reccomoend doing it only after their advanced course... and the cornering one is also only out at QLD Raceway.... but i'm looking at doin the one at Mt Cotton.... the advanced rider course... sounds like the one you got voucher for???
  5. I'm looking at the Morgan and Wacker rider training school. http://www.mwmtc.com.au/ Their 'Riders Skills' course looks like the business for my stage of riding, and is something like $260 for the day for Level 1 and $220 for Level 2. Need to save up just a tad more to do it, but it's a high priority for me getting back on the bike after a while away.
  6. Balmy.... no idea if it's the same course... run by two different companies (i believe) but there's no reason that the content won't be the same, or at the very least similar!

    Bravus... I'm doing my Q-Ride with M&W - can certainly recommend them for that, so presume their advanced courses are as well done.
  7. I've done the Team Moto one, I thought it was pretty good (although I didn't agree completely with their technique for stopping, and I did crash my bike...). Prior to crashing I was riding better than I ever have though, I did learn a fair bit. Now I just have to get my confidence back up and start riding like that again (without the crashing bit)

    I'm fairly certain the Team Moto and the Stay Upright courses are different (even though they are run at the same place).