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Advanced rider courses in Melb?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bambam_101, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    I got my learners a few weeks ago and im happy with my progress but i wouldnt mind doing an advanced riders course. Something to teach me a bit more about leaning the bike in corners and general handling and safety.

    Question is, should i wait until i have done my Ps test? Can it be done whilst on your Ls? Who would you guys recommend? Last question is do you use your own bike in these courses or are the provided as per your Ls and Ps testing and i dont really fancy dropping my own bike in one of these courses firstly because she is my baby and secondly, im not sure on the insurance liabilities of these courses for your own bike?

    Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. I know that Superbike School requires you have at least Provisional license....don't know about HART, Stay Upright, Rider Brothers, etc.
  3. Stay-Up-Right is usually held at Broadford. You ride your own bike so your license should be able to handle the bike.
  4. You could see if HART have practice sessions as they did in the past. Instructors are available for you to run through drills and ask questions. You can use their bikes. :cool:
  5. HART intermediate course.....brilliant fun as well.
  6. Hey Bam Bam, I recently made enquiries about the very same thing!!

    Both Hart & Stay Upright run intermediate courses. Hart supply their bike and at Stay Upright you take your own. Stay Upright also do an intermediate course at Hoppers Crossing, but the Advanced course is held at Broadford.

    Intermediate is to my knowledge from info provided, suitable for Ps & Ls provided you are already generally doing road speed etc Advanced however is more sutied to Ps or fully licensed due to the higher speed & types of manouvres conducted.

    About the insurance part if you take your own bike, just enquire with your insurance agency to see if they will cover for the course or ask them to list it on your details and get the okay, as both providers are VicRoads accrediated training agencies & authorities to issue permits & licences. I was able to list the Intermediate on mine it on my policy as a progression to obtaining Licence basis. Dont know if you could do the same for the Advanced tho.
  7. Took my P plate off years ago, hadn't scrapped pegs when the day started butwas doing my best to wear the buggers away by about half way into the day.
  8. How'd the Advanced course go bambam_101 [​IMG]