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advanced rider course HART

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by enzise, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. so i have booked in to do the advanced rider course at st ives in sydney.

    anyone out there done it? what can i expect?

    and do i need to take my own lunch or is there stuff close by?

  2. It's been a while since I did that, but from what I recall, one of the exercises included locking the front wheel on grass to see what it was like and then quickly releasing it to avoid dropping the bike.
    Very tight cornering to improve your skills there and changing direction suddenly in a corner to avoid things e.g. road kill.
    An exercise they called Ghymkana; kind of like a fbroadened figure of eight around cones at placed specific distances, which was timed.
    I think they provided lunch. Check with them. :)
    Have fun.
  3. G, I assume this is all done on the rider's own bike?

    Is textile armour permitted, or are leathers/backprotector required (as per trackdays and the racetrack training courses)?
  4. Did it 12 months ago

    Was very good. You don't leave the compound (except for lunch - so that answers that question)

    Emergency braking from 60, 80 and think 100. Endless laps of the circuit, with the instructors watching you from different viewpoints and then providing feedback.

    Slow weave, u turns etc

    It's a good course to take you to the next step of riding and to refresh what you may have forgotten.
  5. It's been a while since I did it and in those days (pre9/11) we rode their hornets on the road out to Calder. I think there was an option to ride your own at that stage.
    As to appropriate clothing, better check with HART. Last time when I was thinking of re-doing the course they were being done at Broadford Raceway and required a Euro standard back protector at least. These day's it's becoming increasingly difficult to ride on a race track without leathers one or two piece...
  6. Dunno, but I've been booked in for March 1st for a while now, so lookin forward to it :D.
  7. HART St Ives is no race track

    Our instructors had long sleeve T shirts as their "protective" gear :cool: All they advised was "skin coverage"
  8. I'm going this Saturday to do the intermediate course and it is expected to piss down rain! So, I did my Ls in the rain, my Ps in the rain, first 6 months of riding was rain nearly once a week. Now I want to do a friggin course to improve my riding and it's going to rain! Argggggh. Hope it's falling in the right places to make it worthwhile.
  9. 1st march?? at st ives?? thats the same day im booked in for.

    i be on the bumble bee gsxr..

    you dont need leathers or back protectors but they say full skin coverage is required.