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Advanced Motorcycle Course

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hotdog, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,
    I just bought myself a 2010 GSXR 1000 :p (delivered next week) and I think that I should put myself on some Advance Riding Courses. I have completed the Advanced 1 course with Stay Upright last year. I rang them about doing the Advanced 2 and the next available course is in October..... Does anyone on here know of any other course providers or have any recommendations for me? I was thinking about going to HART but im not sure on how good there training is compared to Stay Upright. Or should i just redo the Advanced 1 and wait for the Advanced 2 in October?

  2. Thanks goz, i will look into it.
  3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    That said, it's on my to do list.
  4. expensive, yes, leaving the joint feeling like rossi, priceless lol
  5. yes very expensive. But after doing my first course it was worth while spending that money. I learnt a few new things and got rid of some of those bad habbits. Plus who wouldnt love to race around a track at over 200km/h :p legally lol
  6. Nice Goz.

    hotdog - you can fang around a racetreack for a bit over $200 a day, but twice that buys you the expertise to teach you to do it so much better. And safer for all the nannies out there.
  7. yeah i agree darkhorse :D thats why i want to do the course so that i can use my bike better and safer on the road and track.