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Advanced Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RGVMAN, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Just booked in to get my P's today! The earliest I can get in is the 2nd of April! That means I only get one shot at getting my P's if I fail then I have to do my L's again. :( Nothing like a little bit of pressure! :grin:

  2. When I went for my licence a few years back I found the Learners test harder than the actual Probationary test. If I recall well enough the Learners had 2 parts, writen & practicle, whereas the Probationary had just the one, practicle.. not sure the deal in SA though..
  3. I looked at the MTA course in dandynong and seems pretty straight forward to me.


    I assume the test is similar in SA? Do you ahve sealed roads in SA now? If now might be easier ona trail bike :)

    Any recent P platers give us an idea of the test you did?
  4. Tell me about it !! .. my friend tried to book the basic and the earliest he could get it is 22nd of april. Backlogmax!!!

    I was going to book my advanced course now so i don't have to wait for ever :p
  5. Check this out if you want to know what is involved.

    Found the level 1 and 2 equally as difficult. I had no riding experience whatsoever and struggled a little initially. The hardest thing was the pace at which it was done. Especially with the level 1, you had no time to practice what they had just taught you before doing the test. At least with the level 2 you are on the road with a bike so you can practice beforehand.