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Advanced - Can it be done with no practice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by EODEFR, May 16, 2013.

  1. Hi.

    I did the basic rider safe course about 20 months ago and didn't follow through and get a bike nor do I know anyone who could lend me a bike to practice. I just found out I can't extend the learners permit any more than 24 months. Given that I've already sunk $300+ into this endeavor, I want to get my full license. How do-able is it to do the Advanced Level Rider Safe without any recent biking experience? I felt I did okay in the basic training over a year ago. Anyway, what should I do?

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  2. Buy a cheapie, ride it, do your advanced.
  3. Ideally that is what I should do, I've been telling myself I'm going to do it ever since I did the learners course but right now I don't think I could afford a road worthy bike and helmet. Well I probably could, barely, but my partner would go ape and never stop talking it.
  4. Have you got anything to lose by trying?
  5. Yeah that's what I'm struggling with. It costs $334, I phoned up and checked and it seems I have enough time before my Ls expire to get in my three attempts. I don't think I would but I'm worried I'll just flunk out and that's $334 down the tube but at the same time in the event I can't pass it in three attempts I should just take it as an expensive lesson that I shouldn't be riding a motorbike in the first place.

    I think the problem with going forward is I really don't know what to expect from the course in terms of difficulty.
  6. You might pass the course but I wouldn't expect you to be competent on the road without having had some experience.
    You fail it the 3 times and I also would't take that to mean that you shouldn't be riding but more that you just needed time on a Bike.
    I'm saying this with no idea of what the SA course is like. Feedback from someone who has done it would help.

    Hopefully someone who knows the SA course will chime in.
  7. you will be throwing good money after bad IMO. if you want to ride take it seriously?
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  8. You will be required to ride slowly in a straight line, weave around some tight cones, swerve left and right and do an emergency stop ending up in first gear with your left foot down.
    Given your lack of riding experience there's a good chance you will fail. They want to see that you have been riding before they let you go and buy a Hyabusa.
    Borrow a bike and do some shopping centre car park practice on a Sunday morning.
  9. oh dear, you most certainly will struggle with the advanced course with Rider Safe without any riding practice, in fact I think you will struggle with any of the advance courses regardless of who is the provider!!
    The advance course is NOT there to re-teach you how to ride again, that is/was your responsability for the last 20 months, the excersises are all about slow balance rear brake, clutch control, throttle control and the test is designed around those skills..........figure 8 within a marked boundry, a slow S, weaving at slow speed, slow balance ride over 15m and an emergency stop from 25/30km/hr and stopping within 11m.
  10. I think you should cut your losses buy yourself a cheap dirt bike and get out and practice practice practice in a padlock the when you are confident and in a better position financially do the licence and get a road bike.
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  11. You have already wasted the 300 bucks, you just havent acknowledged it yet..

    Next time around dont fark about, if you want to ride, put in the time and effort..
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  12. What sort of padlock did you have in mind?
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  13. Are the tests a bit different in each state ?

    In nsw you do ride for a full day. The day riding afaik is actually for them to check whether you can ride, follow instructions and are competent on the road.

    I think the people that fail that part are the people that have never ridden. I've been told by instructors that its really obvious when people arrive at the tests without riding experience.

    It doesn't sound like you really want or need a bike licence. Maybe it's time to cut your losses ?
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  15. Follow up: I passed it, took me two attempts though. So to anyone that happens to find this thread and was in the same situation, yes it is possible.
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  16. nice well done.