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Advance Stop Lines: Allowing motorcyclists room at the front at lights.

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by cjvfr, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Some discussion elsewhere on the etiquette of filtering to the front at traffic at lights and
    • keeping clear of pedestrian crossing areas.
    • allowing following filtering motorcycles access to the front row
    • staying out of bicycle Advance stop line boxes.
    made me remember this 2013 UK study on allowing motorcycles to share bicycle stop points. The UK study showed benefits and broad agreement from the motorcycling and bicycling communities in the UK. I don't believe it has been adopted as law there yet though.

    Whether there would be as great a support from the bicycle community here is less certain considering their response to sharing bicycle lanes with motorcycles.


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  2. Would be a brilliant idea but yes, would the government stand behind it?

    On a different note, if cyclists can get their own lanes, this could be Implemented as well. Has it been raised with anyone yet?
  3. Would be great, although having just returned from the UK after over ten years living there I can tell you that most Advanced Stop Lanes are taken up by cars edging further and further forward...
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  4. so good to see riders finally being acknowledged. I would like to also say 'about time' but any win is something we should appreciate.
  5. Seems sensible. That'll never work.
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  6. Here in QLD we can use the bike space in front of the solid white line where they exist. They call it the bicycle storage area. Its painted green as can be seen in the attached pic

    bicycle-storage-area. !

    Unfortunately 99% of car drivers don't bother stopping at the solid white line that they should, so it really means stuff all!
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  7. Interesting, it is prohibited in the Southern states as far as I know, they are for bicycles only. Pity in your case the car drivers don't respect it. A few fines handed out would probably start to change that attitude.
  8. It's frustrating actually. I often see cars with their full length over the line. Drivers are either oblivious to the purpose of the line, or it's too hard to stop with their given skill set. It's also too hard to enforce apparently.
  9. If they invested as much time policing things like this, rather than hiding behind trees to catch motorcyclists on bike paths due to tight lanes, we might stand a chance. I was disgusted to see them once again literally peeking out from a tree on Flemington Road last week. Anyone who travels that route knows we don't stand a chance of filtering safely on that road. There is so little room that you may as well be a car.
  10. ^ Yeah the ones on the UK look like that photo too, except there's always a car stopped fully in the box when the light is red. I can't remember if motorcycles are allowed to use them.
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    There are no advanced stop lines for PTW's in Victoria. PTW's aren't allowed in the bicycle storage boxes either. I have seen some negative comment from cyclists about potentially sharing the bicycle storage space with PTW's too.

    It's going to take substantial rework of loops and painted lines at city intersections to bring in ASL's for PTW's, and given potholes and other road infrastructure issues are going begging for lack of money, ASL's are not happening any time soon, despite how good an idea they are.
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  12. PTWs? huh?
    ASLs? Painted White Lines...
  13. Powered Two Wheelers

    Advanced Stop Lines

    Methinks. Maybe his keyboard doesn't have all the keys.
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  14. Awwww come on man?! WTF! FMD! SMH! AYSM?


    Advanced Stop Lines - ASL. (The topic of the thread)
    Powered Two Wheelers - PTW (this one is almost universal now)

    Whilst ASL's are painted lines on a road, in most city intersections you'd have to re do the light trigger loops to fit them in. It's NOT just a matter of repainting some white lines.

    Sheesh, I'm not using sms txtg. They are legitimate TLA's.
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  15. I use the bike ones in Victoria as those are normally recessed making it hard to have a clear view of the intersection and to clearly get in front of traffic.
    Never had an issue and the bike riders haven't openly attacked me for doing it.
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  16. pardon my ignorance oh wise and sagacious one, I feel that I must be stupid for not immediately understanding your acronyms which had not been used elsewhere in the topic (which by the way is universal when it comes to using jargon) SWTDFN? :p
  17. There's always too much saga in my life... especially over TLA's. Meh #FWP

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  18. Ok, I give up.......What's a TLA?
  19. It's a Three Letter Acronym.
  20. Ah, so it is but, what does it mean?
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