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ADSL2+, where to whinge to get my exchange upgraded?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. I've enjoyed the overpriced under speed ADSL broadband plan I'm on... but I think it's about high time the Altona area got ADSL2+... we're only 20km from the city for goodness sake, so who do I register my request with?


    Or a likely ISP who wont get my business until ADSL2+ comes in?

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. they will only upgrade your exchange when there is enough interest. i have heard a really good trick but, burn down your exchange and when they rebuild it they will install the required equipment... try that?
  3. Bit on the extreme side mate... but I'll keep it in mind :LOL:
  4. TPG has its own private DSLAMs (ADSL2+ access points) in some exchanges - well worth checking their site to see if that includes your area.

    I'm working with getting access through them at the moment, and they've been fantastic, with one specific named contact person who is effective and who is happy to use gmail chat to discuss issues as well as respond immediately to email.

    Telstra, on the other hand, have been absolute bastards throughout the process. They had to remove 'pair gain' (line sharing) from my line, and because of that insisted I have to do a 6 month ADSL 1 contract with TPG (which Telstra gets a cut of) before I can move to ADSL 2+ with TPG. Even though, because Telstra doesn't take a cut, the ADSL 2+ has more bandwidth as well as more speed for the same money.

    Thanks so much, Former Minister Ruddock, for building this abortion of a system!

    Anyway, rants aside, hope this is helpful, Rob.
  5. I use TPG. I pay $59.99 a month for 70gb of downloads and 500 free VOIP minutes. Phone bill was cut exponentially as a result.

    Check out the site, it's awesome. It also has some good mobile deals going.

    I was with Internode for years before that and despite begging, petitioning etc, we never got 2+ with them. TPG were the only people offering 2+ to us.
  6. Well, I can tell you who NOT to use! iPrimus.

    Got an upgrade to 2+ a few months ago, went through the re-setting process.... hmmmm, no difference. Slower, if anything. Used a speed checker, and yep, I'm functioning at dial-up speeds :shock:
    Several hours waiting on the help line later, I'm told that my proprietary speed check service is "unreliable" and that I have to use theirs. Which intitally (I'm told) delivers an "acceptable" result.

    Some arguing ensues in which they finally let me do the test from my end. Go through the process, yes they agree it's slow, but it's MY fault, not theirs.
    Eventually go through another question and answer session and they tell me, "It will be up to speed by tomorrow".

    Tomorrow comes and no change. Next call ends in a barrage of technical bullsh*t wherein they decide that their final position is that they are delivering the service contracted and that's all they are going to do about it. If I'm unfortunately at the "end of the phone cable", where it is slower, well, that's just my bad luck, Innit.

    End of contract is a long way away... :cry:

    There's a lot of bull flying around under the guise of ADSL2+
    Be careful what you sign.
  7. Rob, have you checked out:




    The first will help you identify your house in relation to the exchange and also who has an ADSL2+ equipment in your exchange.

    TW have also started wholesaling ADSL2+ to 3rd parties. Expect more announcements soon. These won't be the same low cost as ISP owned DSLAM's, but if speed is what you're after, it's a method.

    What do you sync at currently? ADSL2 for me would only result in a small incremental speed from my current 6mbps download rate.
  8. Taa guys.

    :( TPG don't have an ADSL2+ Dslam in my local exchange

    Cejay, those sites confirm there's no ADSL2 in my local exchange. :(

    I'm currently on an ADSL 1.5mbps/256k 20G plan with AAPT... and am seeing much cheaper plans and higher speeds being offered on ADSL2/2+ ...just wanted to get a piece of that action.

    The map says I could have cable at an estimated 19000 speed... I thought cable was on the way out??

    So I'm back to point 1, who do I register my interest with??
  9. Telstra!

    The exchange won't be upgraded to ADSL2+ by Telstra until a competitor adds an ADSL2+ DSLAM to the exchange. Telstra are worried that the gummerment will force them to make it a declared service and therefore bring down on them a whole bunch of regulation that they don't want.

    Given that we are currently in the middle of the NBN tender, no ISPs are actively investing money into technology like ADSL as it will become redundant as soon as fibre becomes available. Also given the restraints of access to cheap capital network upgrades are on the back burner, except for Telstra as they have cash.

    It's a bummer because I would love ADSL2+ but my exchange is not compatible [and I work for the big T].
  10. Well I just registered interest with TPG... going to see whether the other main ISP's have a similar "register your interest" page.
  11. Sorry Matti, I know you have information on Telstra, but they changed their policy in the beginning of the year. Telstra had already pre-installed DSLAM's in most exchanges and when Rudd was elected they changed tack. Basically, although the government didn't make any changes to their policy, Telstra said they felt more re-assured and enabled their remaining ADSL2 exchanges (they flicked the switch). There are still exchanges that require upgrading, but this isn't anything to do with holding out on have services 'Declared'.
  12. What do you currently pay Rob?
  13. Roberto, try http://www.internode.on.net/residential/internet/home_adsl/extreme/coverage/

    See how you go with Internode.

    I've been with them for 5 years and am pretty happy with them.

    A tad on the pricey side but pretty stable .

    I went from ADSL to the ADSL 2 (not the +) and went from 1000mb/s to 5200mb/s and it was only $20 a month more.

    I don't even really know what I am paying to be honest. It's jut one thing I don't need to worry about.
  14. Too much it appears Cejay.

    I have a bundled home phone package $118.95/mth... I'm starting to look around.

    I haven't looked into the pros/cons of VOIP yet - but it's all up for grabs.

  15. + 1 to that whirlpool site previously mentioned.

    I use exetel and they are awesome and cheap too. With previous telstra experience dont go anywhere near them, way overprice and one dude has no idea what the other dude has just done.

    The plan Im on allows 12gb download between 12midday and 12 midnight and another 48gb download from 12midnight to 12 midday. I also get 100 free uncapped untimed calls to any landline in australia anytime of the day via VOIP. The plan im on is a "naked adsl 2+" plan and is only $50 a month. I highly recommend them. :wink:

    And from the guys I work with the other plans adsl 1 plans and normal adsl 2 plans are good also no-one ever had any major issues.
  16. You pay HOW much!!!

    I am sure we said 'Don't bundle' the last time we spoke.

    Anyway, I'm with Node, ADSL Plus (ADSL1 @ 8mbps). I pay $85 for 25GB of downloads. You can save more by electing for less download. I sync @ 6mbps.

    Ditch the bundle. Have Telstra switch you to HLB (they'll whinge, but make them do it) and then, if you want, use VOIP or your mobile to call people.

    VOIP. It's lke mortgages, everyone's is better, no one wants to admit they've got a pup. I use my ISP's VOIP service, but I rarely use the phone at home anyway. I am sure we also told you to get a VOIP capable router as well? If so (and you did), plug your analogue phone in, configre and off you go. Outrageously cheap calls at your fingertips.
  17. Well, at the time, AAPT broadband plus a telstra home line was only $5 less than the AAPT bundle deal (which had no contract... and it beat Telstra's equivalent hands down)... plus for a little extra the 4port wireless speedtouch 2965A3 ADSL2/2+ ready modem was thrown in... so Telstra lost my business... and I copped the $5 premium.

    But AAPT recently released a new suite of plans and upped my fee $10... so it's probably a good time to churn.

    I don't think the speed touch is VOIP ready...
  18. I definitely remember this time...

    I always go standalone. I want my hardware, not the stuff they've picked up for nowt somewhere else.

    Problem is, if you go HLB (which you have to if you can't get ADSL2 Naked), calls are pricey. Hence why VOIP (any voip) is such a good idea.

    I know about Node, but everyone has their favourite.

    If you want speed and can't go ADSL2, then ADSL Plus plans from Node will give you a max of 8mbps. If you're close to the exchange, expect somewhere between 6 and 8. It's a massive difference over 1.5mbps.

    I don't know how much p@rn you download, but a 10g plan would cost you $75. If you add HLB @ $20, you're now paying $95 for an 8mbps connection + Telstra landline.

    I don't think it's a VOIP router, it has QoS for the VOIP protocol (makes sure it gets through).

    Alternatively, stick with 1.5mbps and $60 for 25GB of P@rn.
  19. Cable is going to stay as long as there are people like me paying for it to get decent internet, since we live too far from an exchange to get decent ADSL.

    I have Bigpond Cable Liberty 12 GB for $69.95 less 10% rewards discount, so $62.95. It is so reliable that I can only remember losing the internet during power failures. The last network failure has to be over three years ago. Yes, it is expensive, but along with reliablility I get over 30 Mbps download, when I web site is capable of it, or when downloading multiple streams. It is good. :grin:

    Which Cable was available to you Rob?