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ADSL Speed test

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Can people go here http://www.zdnet.com.au/broadband/speedtest.htm for me, and tell me what speeds your posting?? I think i'm getting ripped of big time here. :-(

  2. I dont think that test is very good..im using an uncapped cable internet connection. i have had speeds up to 10mbit on other tests.

    this test says im getting about the same as the 768k dsl

    7816 kbits downloaded in 9.194 sec
  3. Got between 370 and 400 kbps on our 512/128k ADSL. Varied a bit though.
  4. That thing gives me 370 on a 512k westnet connection.
  5. I agree its not a good test.. I have ADSL2 12mbit connection and the test is only showing just over 1.5mbit..
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  7. Well thats the thing!!!! I'm with iinet on a 1.5mbit and i'm getting .67 ????? I think iinet are ripping me.
  8. these speed tests are fundamentally flawed. there are too many variables ie what else is running on your computer, is there any activity in the background, etc etc. All the tests show is the data transfer rate to/from your computer at a particular time to another computer at a particular time.

    a slow speed could always be because the site your connecting to has a lot of traffic, rather than your connection being slow.

    got to keep in mind that the actual speed you get will always be lower than the advertised speed of your connection (ie 512 or 1.5 or whatever).
  9. Quote from ZDNet/

    I thought my broadband connection was faster?
    The results of the test can be affected by any network congestion between you and our servers. If you have other downloads in progress this can also affect the results.

    /End quote
  10. The best way i've found to test my iiNet speed is by downloading the large test file from their FTP site.
    adsl.test2 I think the file is called.
    I get max speed on my 1.5Mb connection.
    International servers though can be slow.
    Do a thread search on Whirlpool ( http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/ ), or even post your queries there in the relevant section. They're usually a friendly bunch, so long as you haven't asked the same question that's been asked a billion times ;)
  11. Same deal here, except I'm getting 326.

    Not happy with iinet, my 1.5mb plan seems slower than my old 512.

  12. My Computer Specs are as follows:

    AMD 64+ 4400 dual core
    K8NXP SLi Mother board
    2 Gig kingston DDR Ram
    X850 Platinum Pro Graphics card
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Pro Sound Card
    LG - DVD-R-R/W
    Netgear router (which my pc is hardwired to)

    all viewed through a 32" Samsung LCD

    My computer is loading pages like 52kbps modems.
    .... This should not happen...... My computer rivals NASA's :( :(
    My CPU usage varies between 2-5% during these tests.

    Anyother ideas?

    I'm sure the ISP is doodling the Trev? :( :(

    I want revenge!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Yeah something is not right here..
    ZDNet test- 7816 kbits downloaded in 8.594 sec which places me just above the 768 k DSL mark.

    on The other one

    TcpIQ test page says - 7512.13 KBits/sec Downstream and 230.10 KBits/sec upstream. but they place me higher in ranks than other people.

    i think the results are correct. its just their scales are f*#Ked.
  14. Christ, can you make toast with it too?? :shock:

    But something is wrong? if you can stand the long phone times ring them and ask if there is something up.
  15. I'm with you Loz.... Were getting penis'd.

    Your a schemer..... what can we do?? :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil:
  16. Well....... Funnythat....... I kind of called them a couple of times.... Then... well..... I kinda wrote a long letter, and in that letter there may have been a comparison to excrement & their service. I MAY have also asked if they got picked up for work by the blue bus? :roll: :roll:

    I'll post it tomorrow (i saved it at work) maybe they holding me back? Is this possible?
  17. love it... not sure if it is possible. i would like to think they would get into alot of sh*t if they did do that.
  18. No I cant make toast but the Zalman 9200 with a liquid cooled case fan does make my room rather chilly in summer!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. exactly right duffman Oh yea lol

    seriously though to calculate kb/s u divide ur rated speed by eight so 512/8 = because there are 8 bits in a byte so max d/l is 64k/s though dont expect to get than 50 on a 512 and no more than 150 on a 1500 thats just the way it is anyways no isp's have download allowances that are reasonable :(

  20. YEAH......Oh YEAH.

    Duffman is thrusting the the direction of the problem.

    :p :p

    god i'm a loser :grin: