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ADSL Modem - Which one to buy

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Untame_me, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Hi people....

    Can someone shed some lights on purchasing an ADSL modem?
    I'm looking at connecting ADSL with Netcall, the 256NS1 (2G limit) plan.

    I'm just a normal light user, who needs the broadband for study purposes at home....pay bills, download MP3 and general surfing. Not a network gamer.

    • I'm most likely the only computer connect in that household, but wouldn't mind the option if I may in the future connect 1 or 2 more in the household.

      I'm interested in VoIP.

      I'm concern with cost (don't like to pay more than what I need the technology for)

      I most probably don't need wireless in the near future

    I'm perplex the difference between these two modems:
    Billion 7402VL
    Billion 7401VGP

    I went nowhere calling up Billion and distributors.....Thanks in advanced :)
  2. I can not answer your query, but can warn you that if you want some degree of future proofing for it, you will want to get something that handles ADSL 2 Plus. we do not have standard ADSL 2 in Aus but some variant called 2+ so just be carefull what you are being sold.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't subscribe to an IP unless they were providivng a free modem and connection. Shop around.
  4. The difference is in the VOIP component. The 2nd one having an FXO port. This means you plug in your home telstra line into the device, and you can receive your inbound Telstra calls on the phone that you have plugged into the device.

    With the first one, you will need a seperate phone for your telstra line, and a seperate one for your VOIP line.

    Which one you wants depends on how much you want VOIP and whether you intend/want to integrate it with your existing home phone and line.

    The Draytek 2100VG or Draytek 2100V (same difference) are generally considered superior to the Billion's too.
  5. If you are wanting to do VOIP you might want to consider a faster than 256kb/64kb connection. 2GB isnt a lot of data for VOIP too.

    1500NX2 8GB $3.00 Static $58.00/mo that is probably a better plan, 1500kb/256

    256/64 is just slow.

    Food for thought

    I use internode and they are fantastic. To each their own though
  6. Some more food for thought...

    Many ISPs will not extend much support if you aren't using the routers/modems they recommend.....so unless you are reasonably sure about what you are doing then sticking to thier offerings might be worth it.
  7. Wise words here.

    As a relatively early ADSL adopter I can recommend Billion; I've never had a hint of trouble with mine.

    But do heed Matt's words; although you won't need much tech support with your modem, some ISPs get in a real snit if you don't buy your modem from them and won't help you at all!
  8. I'll second that. We started with the disgraceful excuse for a modem that telstra supplied us with when we first got ADSL and Dad replaced it with a Billion.

    So far the Billion has been fantastic and we have not had a hint of trouble from it. However, the same can't be said about Telstra's disgraceful (even more so then their modem) ADSL service they provide us with :evil: :evil:
  9. AFAIK its got nothing to do with who you bought it off rather what the help desk people are trained in so they can lead you through the process and know what should happen at the end of each step.
  10. Yeah, fair point Matt, I know when I asked for some help from iiNet when I was with them their beef was that the Billion was not one of the modems they 'supported'. I guess that's more to do with training than where it was purchased....