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N/A | National ADR compliant bikes being "canaried"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by danny_tb, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. I've been asked to make this a separate topic, so here it is...

    Police have been pinging riders for breaching state Vehicle Standards when their bikes are ADR compliant (the ADRs take precedence over the state Vehicle Standards, so they're defecting perfectly legal vehicles) in NSW, annecdotally in Vic, and for all that I know, possibly in other states too. I won't re-invent the wheel, so please read below for details (originally posted in the ADR thread):

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  2. Thanks for this!
  3. my amateurish understanding is that this is why we won't get FNPs in Vic.
  4. Thanks for posting up.
  5. Hmm, because it specifically mentions 2nd or 3rd edition ADR's, it is a first version/unrevised of the ADR the state rules prevail, if the adr has been revised 2 or 3 times, then the ADR takes precedence???
    Its legalese so designed to confuse and obfuscate rather than enlighten and clarify.
  6. No probs. been meaning to do it for a while. Thanks for the suggestion to put it into its own thread. :D
  7. So my interpretation is that if my bike is adr compliant, I have nothing to worry about?
  8. You should have nothing to worry about, but it would be a pain in the arse and cost a lot of cash to go to court. That being said, Plod might still book you, even if you show him that he's wrong, and you might still have to go to court...
  9. N.b. Your vehicle will definately be off the road & registration likely to be suspended or cancelled by the time you get a hearing date.

  10. That would suggest that a letter to the prosecuting authority explaining the conflict and asking for clarification (and possible withdrawal) might be a better option?
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  11. Yes, well that would be the first option. If that's not successful, you either comply with the notice or go to Court and have your vehicle off the road in the interim.