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Admit it, you talk to yourself

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tomohawk, May 16, 2008.

  1. Yes, frequently

  2. Sometimes

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  3. Only when the shit hits the fan

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  4. Never

  5. Tom, seek psychiatric help.

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  1. OK, admit it. Who else has conversations with them self within the private cosy confines of their helmet while riding? I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    My internal monologue actually becomes verbal while I'm on the bike...

    "OK, right at Hoddle, then left onto Gipps..."
    "Hey, I like that rider's jacket...."

  2. I do talk to myself, sometimes sing as well and bop about at lights and stuff. I probably look quite crazy.
  3. I whistle or hum.... only only long painful stretches like Geelong-Melbourne or Sale-Melbourne. Straight roads with nothing to look forward to for hours and hours.

    Sometimes on these streches, I start looking into cars to pass the time. Kids in the back seat are amusing.
  4. And a community services announcement for contraception.
  5. i keep myself company in my skid lid, as i ride a zxr400, i have no friends to keep me company on the freeway, i have afew mates on zx10rs etc so theyre a million KMs ahead, and a mate on a gs500e, so hes million KMs behind!

    other than that, just the occasional "oh shit oh shit oh shit" when thing go wrong
  6. Yep.
    I keep up an almost constant nettering in the lid while riding.

    Or is it that i just let all the "voices" have their say? :p
  7. Sometimes....and when i do at least it's a decent conversation :LOL:
  8. I talk to myself; all the time. It's the only way I can get a sensible conversation going :LOL:.

    But seriously, I sing a lot, but don't talk much...
  9. Talking out loud isn't as frequent as the conversations inside my head :LOL:
  10. You know what I've noticed? That when I'm relaxed, I will talk to myself, whereas when I'm under a period of stress I do not. Ditto for daydreaming .... and these are two things that happy kids always do.

    I sing to myself too .... if I'm riding hard, it's one type of song, if I'm crusing, it's another. :LOL:
  11. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - The Tokens

    "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" - ???

    "We built this city on rock and roll" - Jefferson Starship

    Probably the top three songs I sing to myself in my helmet. And, like a few of the posters here have mentioned, I bop my head too. Although I don't think it's very obvious :p
  12. This is a great one to sing. Hit the high falsetto and you are away.
    For an encore I also sing Hakuna Matata from the Lion King.

    I also sing whatever we are rehearsing in our choir at the time.

  13. Yep, but it's usually commenting on a fookknuckle driver lol
  14. If you could singing then yes.

    Also I tend to congratulate myself post wheelies :LOL:
  15. Please don't wheelie if you're behind me during tomorrow's run... :( Jeff does it sometimes and it scares the crap out of me.

    Seeing a massive black sp-1 in your side mirrors rocketing towards you can really freak someone out.
  16. I know the voices in my head are not real... but they do come up with some good ideas
  17. Lot's of singing on the bike...but none off it.
  18. Can never get a damn word in with all the other voices japping on.

    That's why I like listening to (riding) music. Koss the plug (just as good as earplugs), player volume set to 6 (out of 40) ... I hear the music, cars, the bike, etc. but the wind noise is cut down.

    Minimal self-conversation. Do the bobbing & tapping of foot at the lights as well ... but that's not me ... it's one of the other people stuck in this body :grin:
  19. You've only got problems if you start arguing with yourself.......and lose :LOL:
  20. I sing occasionally;

    "I'm a m***er f***er on a motorcycle"