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Admiration of Perfection : Stunning Bike Pics

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Archaeon, May 29, 2012.

  1. Have you ever come across a picture of a bike where you just had to spend a moment looking at it..?
    Have you seen a bike somewhere and thought "Damn that's Hot!!"...
    Have you taken a photo of a bike which you thought was absolutely amazing....?

    Share the perfection, share the beauty.

    There are other threads with pics like Motorcycle p0rn.... and A Photo of your ride.. and they have some fantastic pics in them.. But I want a thread that's just got stunning bike pics, preferably just the bike.

    It's not a competition, just pure admiration of motorcycles. If you have come across any absolutely gorgeous pics of bikes that is worth being on your desktop wallpaper, I would love to see them, and I'm sure others would too!

    Can be sports, cruisers, classics, concepts.. a pic of your bike, your mates, something you stumbled upon on the net, Photoshop masterpiece or a timeless piece of art.. whatever

    I absolutely love the looks of all bikes (with the exception of scooters), and would love to see some really awesome pics my fellow riders come across.

    Please keep in mind the forums rules on sizes. If you've stumbled across them online, please provide the link so it can be admired in full size (y)
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  2. Isnt this what the p0rn thread is for? lol

    This requires multi tasking of threads :p
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  4. Chefs thread ended up with shirtless guys and sexy women on the bikes.. I want just beautiful bikes :)
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  7. Is good thread.
  8. Fair call ;) as you were
  9. Of course there's my 1999 ST1100A


    and her younger sister the ST1300A

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  10. 39.


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  11. Love the fact in this one that there is nothing but the bike on a stand.

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  12. Whoa .. check out the paint job!

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