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[ADL] What involved ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fishyben, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    This is a very noobie question but i'v only been in australia for 18 months from the UK and don't know anyone thats done their basic 1 bike training.
    i'm booked to do mine on 28/29 jan, and was wondering what you do in the two 4 hour sessions. bike tests here are very different in the uk from what i'v been told.
    Thank, Ben

  2. Hi Ben
    It's a SA question, but welcome anyway!
  3. well I imagine the courses are all pretty similar, I did mine a few months ago and basically you just learn the core functions of the bike along with safety manouevers like head and mirror checks.

    They use CB250s and have you riding up and down a small parking lot, round cones, stopping and starting with basic gear changing. You don't get out of 2nd gear. You learn how to mount, dismount, starting/ready position...that sort of thing.

    Then you sit the written and have got up to 6 months (but a minimum of 3) on a learner licence before you come back and do the formal on road practical.
  4. The level 1 course is extremely basic. If you have never ever riden a bike before then it will be a fast paced course with little time to get a feel for things as you only have about 5 minutes for each exercise. If you have riden before it will be a piece of piss. It starts with what the controls and buttons do, how to get on a bike, how to walk a bike while on it, how to push someone else on a bike(all with practical demonstrations), how to start a bike(FINEC) and then the basics of clutch control with some basic exercises such as turning(head checking), braking, gear changes and emergency braking. The final level one test consists of a 20 second ride that requires you to take off from a stop, change up 2 gears while accelerating to about 20kph, change down once before entering a sedate 180 degree turn(remember to gently accelerate through the corner), out of the corner change up again into third and then a normal braking(not emergency) procedure while changing down to first stopping at the instructors feet with your left foot coming down first. That gets you on the road with a set of L plates.

    Here is a post detailing exactly what the level 2 course involved(as of May)
  5. Hiya Ben,
    I completed the basic course last Tuesday. It is very easy as long as you can grasp the concepts thrown at you. The instructors teach you as if you have never ridden before. There is a big emphasis on braking and clutch control. You do basic tasks to get a feel for the bike and to learn how to brake correctly and also use the friction point of the clutch. Even if you have never ridden before, it is near impossible to fail. There were a couple of people who attended the same sessions as me who had bugger all control over the bike and still passed. Good luck