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[ADL] Wannabe Biker Chick

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TazFromOz, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Well, not really sure if buying a 50cc scooter will make me a biker chick, but we can hope I guess. It's a start :].

    I just moved down to Adelaide and I'm looking at getting some cheap wheels, and a scooter seems to fit the bill nicely. Cheap to run, doesn't take up too much space, etc.

    I'm here on netrider to pick the brains of those that know a bit better :], and see what people think of my different scooter options. Hope you're all well. Anyone in Adelaide it'd be great to catch up and meet some people, so drop me a line :].


  2. welcome to netrider, 50cc scoots are death traps, no poke don't go over 60, just plain dangerous

    enjoy the forums :LOL:
  3. You could get a learners bike like a cb250 instead...
  4. [​IMG] "Get off the drugs darls"


    Can't go wrong there!

    Wrong website. We ride motorbikes. [​IMG]

    Make [​IMG] your friend unless you enjoy getting your ass warmed up (FLAMED)!

    For the assistance you are looking or, ask THERE or THERE
    Nevertheless, [​IMG] Tamz
  5. Er... MG. There is also a scooter section here.

    Welcome anyway. For the price of a new 50cc scooter, or maybe a touch more you can get a 250cc CB or similar which is much safer, faster and practical for what you need.

    And you'll be a biker biatch, if you want to be.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  6. [​IMG]

    Get a bar of soap & wash ya dam mouth out!


  7. I own a 2000 cb250 sitting in my shed in Adelaide that is only ridden on the odd occasion by my parents if you like to know more, let me know.
  8. Welcome to the mad house.. :LOL:
  9. LMAO - what fun. Thanks for the welcomes peeps. I probably will move onto a bike sooner or later. But I think that having to worry about learning to ride, balance, etc, as well as Adelaide traffic (I'm a country girl) all at once will be too much for me, so I plan to get something easy, get the hang of that, and then move up. Not to mention the fact that I only have a couple of grand to spend. So for now I'll just have to be a wannabe :]
  10. Photos are mandetory when you do [​IMG]

    Have more confidence in yourself darls. [​IMG]

    No need to worry about balancing.. unless you want to ride at slower
    than walking pace w/out moving your feet :)
  11. You still have to balance a scooter, y'know?

    If you can drive a manual already, there's no difference at all.
  12. scooters just aren't the same.... as I said to the other newcomer... if you get a scooter I don't think we can be friends :p

    welcome to the site though, heaps of really good info as I've found out. ;)