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ADL to PI via GOR-tips from locals/regulars please.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jen954, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I'm planning my trip to the Island for the GP, obviousley I'll be taking the Great Ocean Road.

    I was just hoping to get some info from those of you that know it well, Good places to stop, bits of road I should definatly do, or even do twice, and sites to see along the way. I'm gonna have a couple friends from overseas with me so I would like to put a bit of site seeing in there as well.

    I'm leaving on the tues the 30th of sept so I'll have 3 days to get to the Island and will also have 3 days on the way back to check out things we missed on the way there (and just to ride the road again)

    Oh dont need hotels, motels cause we're taking a campervan aswell, (will give me time to go back and do bits of road again, while they catch up, hehe) so holiday/caravan parks, cafes, restaurants, and anything else that might be useful.

    much appreciated, Thanks
  2. There's a bit of stuff in this that might be out of date, but it's something I put together a year or two ago. Basic advice would be to stop at Apollo Bay and Lorne, and if you're gonna double back for another shot at anything, that'd be the section right there provided you catch it on a day without too much traffic. And good luck with that. ;)

  3. its all good down there.
    there's a nice ride to the otway lighthouse. costs a bit to get into the lighthouse reserve bit ($13 I think) but its a nice place for a rest and there's a cafe for lunch. do not take the guided tour. he's a dickhead.
    its not a fast ride to the lighthouse cause most of the corners are blind.
    if you are into tourist stuff the treetop walk place at beech forest is good
    and you can eat at lavers hill.
    the road out of skenes creek up to forrest is a ripper.
    the bitchin bitumen book has maps of the good rides down there and you can
    download videos of the good bits.
  4. ahhh! your talking about my neck of the woods here!

    12 apostles is always a great place to stop, only a short walk over to them and best of all it's 100% free!

    Otway Fly treetop walk is very nice, it's about 15-20 mins out of your way (about 10 in, 10 back) but its rather spectacluar....its $20 bucks a head to get in though, and about 5k's walking.

    The road from Lavers Hill to Apollo Bay is notorious for black ice so watch out for that, seen many cars come unstuck around that area.

    Cape Otway Lighthouse is a great spot, watch the moss on the lighthouse road on your way out here as it gets very slippery when wet. It's now $13.50 to get in though, PM me if you want to come down here and visit the lighthouse and i will see what i can do about getting you in for free :) or at least a discount :)

    I hope you didn't take one of my guided tours! Lol. I used to work there but quit in Jan this year. But yeah the guides who work there now are shite.

    Apollo Bay is a great place to stay the night, could swing the caravan into the Caravan Park there for the night (there is a nice one next to the footy oval). The bottom pub (next to the IGA) is the best place to eat in Apollo Bay, unless you want a bit more up market in which case the 'La Bimba' restaurant above the bakery is very nice for dinner.

    The road gets nice and twisty from Apollo Bay to Lorne, be careful of tourists stopped to take photo's of koalas about 5k's before you get to Kennet River in a place called Sausage Gully, they will be happily stopped in the middle of the road, snapping away (watch this on the Cape Otway Lighthouse road too if you coem down it).

    Nice place for a break in Lorne is a little Cafe called 'Indian 200MPH' as you can guess its very very biker friendly, it's just next to the Cinema in Lorne.

    On to Anglesea! The Golf Club there has very nice meals, or there is a place called 'JUMS' in the main shopping complex that have the worlds best chips and gravy.....i think so anyway.

    Torquay is a nice town....too many surfers for my liking, but they have a really nice caravan park to stay at (the one near the main beach)

    All the way between 12 Apostles and Anglesea watch out for rocks that always fall from the cliffs and are scattered about the road. Near all the lookouts and turnouts be aware of loose gravel that gets flicked up from the tourists who can't operate a vehicle properly and do mini skids every time they pull onto the road. Whew! That's about all i can say for now, but closer to the time if you have any other questions just let me know, i have plenty of local knowledge to share :)