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[ADL] suburbia run this arvo

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hey adelaiders,

    Was thinking of going for just a ride around suburbia while the traffic was low. Not confident enough to go the twisties on my own and don't really want to make a day of it by heading out there, so every now and then I like to go round suburbia a bit too :)

    Any brand spanking newbs who're worried about suburbia up for a ride? I'm pretty confident around town cos that's where the bulk of my riding is so I can hold my own in the burbs if you wanna come out with someone :)

    Will prolly be checking in to see if anyone wants to come along and then heading out a bit later depending on whether I'm picking anyone up on the way :)

  2. You could go for a little ride around the place just before it turns coffee o'clock then ride into town for coffee... You might find a couple people who are willing to do that. I would be happy to do that since I just woke up 15 minutes ago lol :grin:
  3. I'll prolly need to be home or heading home by the time everyone'd be about ready for coffee, however I'm happy to take a few people round the burbs and then get them to rundle st where they can sit for coffee. Will see how things go but yeah, happy to get people to coffee after a ride if they don't have the confidence to get their on their own but wanna come in for it :)
  4. Well, I'm off :)

    Was thinking of doing this a bit more regularly and maybe incorporating a ride out to Oaklands Park for those getting ready to do the advanced test just to show them around and stuff. Either way, have a good arvo, all :)

    (I am not an instructor, nor claim to be able to teach you how to do the course, however I did do the course late last year and can remember it pretty well. If nothing else, I can also escort newbies there from wherever they are if they're not confident enough to get themselves there. Just a thought :))
  5. you left yet ems?
  6. doh! reckon I'd just left! :)

    ended up having a ball! :) south road, henley beach road, brighton road all the way down to majors road. Majors road, onto main south road, up and into flinders uni (mini twisties, people!! Mini twisties!!!!). Shepherds hill road, belair road (ohmigod, accidental twisties .. was actually trying to find goodwood road but went the wrong way *laugh*) .. twisties, twisties, oh look, there's windy point! springbank road, goodwood road, city, north adelaide, home :)

    Loved it :D Gonna have to do that one again when I'm not necessarily mindful of time :D

  7. Accidental twisties, sure sure, thats what I say when I end up at chain of ponds or one tree hill lol
  8. accidental twisties works the first time - not sure I can claim the same ignorance the next time I'm up there .. particularly cos I reckon I'll be setting out with belair road as my target :p
  9. lol, mini twisties :) How cool is it that flinders is built on a hill! Some of my mates live in the village that's right in the middle of the uni so i often cruise around there.. Next time ya come down south for a random suburbia cruise lemme kno coz i'll meet yas down here then head up north and come back by meself. I especially like night rides if it's in traffic, Glenelg being a fav.

    btw, did see the thread earlier on but i'm in victor atm hence the 'next time..'