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[ADL] New to the forums

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by var, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Thought I'd pop into this section and say "Hi". I've been reading these forums for awhile now, there's mountains of information you guys and gals have been dishing out, and I'm soaking it all up! Thanks for the articles and threads, I've learnt a hell of a lot.

    I used to ride my mate's dirt bike when I was younger, and when he was using it, I followed him on an A Class posty bike (ah... the crashes I had on that thing in the dirt). I haven't had much experience since, though awhile ago I was a pillion for a time on a nice 600cc and was thrilled stupid.

    Since it's so expensive to have a performance vehicle these days; petrol, maintenance, upgrades... I'm hanging up my driving hat for the time being, selling my modded 13BT rx-7 and donning some leathers.

    I'm still tossing up what to buy, but after reading a bunch of info, looks like I'll be getting an out-of-the-shop black 2007 GT250R (yeah... i know, say it, "they're hyundais!", "hahah", "I would have bought X/Y/Z", “Obviously didn't learn enough by reading the forums!â€, I'm sure I'll get it in the future too :p ). I'm about 6'1"-ish, 80kg-ish, and it suits my purposes for learning, cost and such.

    Planning on selling my cars, as soon as that happens, I'll be down to the shops ;) I'm looking at various courses to take, hoping to get involved in some group rides and events, learn as much as I can, develop my skills and see how it all pans out.

    Since I've made the decision to get a bike, god damn do I have the fever. My life won't be complete without it!
  2. howdy and welcome :D
  3. welcome...
  4. G'Day welcome to another South Aussie, we have a pretty active bike community here so if your interested in riding keep an eye on the forums and hopefully you can come join us on a ride sometime soon.
  5. I have that medical condition too. I hear its terminal. It can never be cured, only controlled though large doses of Medication of the two wheeled kind.

    Welcome! and enjoy!

    Ride safe.[/u]
  6. hey mate welcome to the two wheeled world!

    i just sold my rx7 :( was a sad sad day...

    u on sarotors or austrot?

    come out and ride coffee eat etc when ya get ya bike

    tis a freindly bunch

    and theres a few rotaholics around here :)

  7. Yeah, i noticed how active it is. I went on the ToyRun (2006), and was hanging around a few people for a time.. not for too long since all they did was b1tch and winge about each other, other riding groups, and backstab people behind their backs. Couldn't believe it, it was like a high-school girls club with the b1tchyness and snobbing.

    I'm all about the riding, so I'd be more than happy to join in on a ride (and probably wed coffee nights, since they seem pretty active) after I get a few weeks practice... don't want to look like a complete tool :)

    Yeah, it's a tough decision to make, but I think it's for the best cost wise for me.

    I'm not on either site, but I lurked around ausrot a fair bit.

    Nice! I can bore you all with endless tails ;) Never did get that Haltech f9 installed and the microtech t4 removed though :/
  8. Hi and welcome, var :grin:

    We're an extremely friendly bunch, really ~ mostly bark, no bite :wink:

    I think there might be more to that post than meets the eye, well that's my (non-judgemental) take on it anyway.

  9. Wow, I missed all that :shock:

    Here's another welcome to make up for it [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Welcome,

    What is this trend with Rx7 owners and bikes I see? I actually sold my series 2 13b turbo rx7 around 12 months ago...
  11. i guess... riding a bike is the next best thing to owning a nicely built rx7... ;)

    in my humble opinion :p

    then again i could be biased :p
  12. welcome!!!
  13. Heya, welcome to the forums. Enjoy yourself a lot to learn on here! :grin:
  14. Welcome to the addiction!!
  15. Thanks for the welcome all ;)

    rx-7s are a cheap alternative for those who want a sports car that outperforms others without paying $20k in upgrades. Love my rx, just can't even afford that.... haha. I want to keep performance without having to sell a kidney, so a bike's the only real choice (plus I love the feeling of being in the elements). I guess others come to the same conclusion.
  16. Yup, centainly plenty of thrill for your buck :grin: Worst thing bout being in the elements is when following a truck etc. Fumes :evil:
  17. yeah gotta love the 7s!!!

    so nice to drive. and the power output and handling is great!

    i know i miss mine more than any other car ive owned.

    oh well.. maybe later in life :)

    till then the bike will do!
  18. mm.. distinct note of a rotor beast is addictive. I wanted a series 5 turb soooooooooooo badly when i first got my P's, but i ended up gettin the vs cozza space for beachin an subs. I don't appreciate cars nearly as much as before the bike, but i still have a soft spot for low go-cart cars. eg. exa turb, silvia, rx7, 180. all very fun tinboxes.. :grin: