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[ADL] Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by karbonyte, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Hi Everybody!

    My names Hansen. I used to own a ZZR250 - custom paint, single Yoshi pipe, Powerflow jets, K&N pods, etc. Spent more money on it than it was worth, but I can't leave things stock. I sold that, with the intention of putting that $ towards another BMW E30. Then an NSR150SP came up cheap, so I bought that instead - still have enough for the car I want so all is well. I'm already itching to do a few mods to it, but I think I'll just put the money towards the car.

    The bike has a Tyga exhaust on it which apparently does a good job of de-restricting it. It was pretty grotty when I got it, but I've given it a good clean, topped up fluids, bought a few replacement parts, and am picking up a few bits that are being plastic welded tomorrow. It seems to be doing pretty well. :)

    I like it more than my last bike. I've read the thread dissing the crap out of it. Meh, I think its a lot more fun than riding my mates ZXR250, CBR250RR or my old ZZR250 and for the price I am not going to complain. I've also ridden a JRD Typhoon daily for about a month over New Years over in Thailand. That thing was fun only cos I didn't care about it, apparently, nor for my health. I'll just say, its the stuff holiday nightmares are made of. And I loved every single moment of it. :p Wish I could buy one of those over here... $1100 brand new.
  2. Oh yeah, I'm from South of the border.

    Might as well throw up the Westside logo while I'm at it.

    Also, my dad has a pretty gnarly blue Harley Deuce too. 1550cc. 240 rear tyre. Too bad its annoying to ride biatch on now with the puny seat and silly torque that makes you slip off the back! No sissy bar. Come on - its a "sissy" bar. :LOL:

    I'd like to go to some of these Wednesday meet ups soon and learn how to ride this thing properly from some of the more experienced riders. :)
  3. Today is Wednesday.................. 7:30

    Oh, and welcome
  4. welcome to the forums mate....
  5. Welcome, hansen, there's nothing like the smell of two-stroke in the morning :).
  6. VV westsaiiide!

    im in richmond mate. so if ur local to the west yell out, and ride in with me one night. easier to meet new faces when u got some one with ya that knows them all.

    not too many of us over on this side of the city would be nice ot have a few more locals to ride with. my mate at work had the NSR150, so he may be able to help out with a few questions etc as well.


  7. I miss the smell of bike in the morning, well... in general :(
  8. Thanks for the warm welcomes guys.

    I'm actually more West Lakes. Hehe

    Wont be making it to any meets tonight, as I have a CCNA exam on Friday I have to study my ass for. Infact, I better get back to it now.

    I'll post some flix of my bikes (previous and current) and my dad's later. :)
  9. Welcome Hansen. You can ride whatever you please! I've never ridden an NSR. I just know I like my CBR :p