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[ADL] going for my L's tomorrow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fishyben, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. going for my L's tomorrow 28/29th at oaklands park, got no idea what i have to do but im praying it all goes well, got a good quote for the Hyosung GT250 i'm buying , came in at $284 fully comp.

  2. Good luck with the test and with the bike ;)
  3. All the best Ben :wink:
  4. It's easy peasy, no stress!
  5. Ah, one of the benefits of being older; cheaper insurance! :grin:
  6. good bikes i had one for my L's
    i had a muffler on it and it sounded hot.... well to me it did :LOL:
    and it was a good riding style and never missed a beat... though a bit slow for me..... top speed was only 140km/p :cry:
  7. If only I could have a premium like that :twisted:
  8. Whats the dollar damage on the ZX9R for insurance? if its not a rude question?
  9. for me its about $1100 & my staff discount reduces that by $275

    *gets out calculator*

    about $825, give or take a coupla dollars :wink:
  10. Good luck ben, i'm sure you'll do fine.
  11. eay peasy japanesy

    fishy ben hmm now that name makes me a bit wary :p

    Dude got my learners today! no worries

    My experience on bikes is two tenths of bugger all, just build up a good rapport with the instructor and you will have no problems.

    The hardest part is admitting that you are a newnie, once you do that you're half way there. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

    My GT250 [sigh I cant pick it up untill Wednesday] got quoted $278, 39 no claim bonus etc

    Anyway have fun don't stress, if I can do it anyone can
  12. Thanks for your kind words, hopfully i can muster up the balls to come down to the bay for a coffee one night ;)
  13. Re: eay peasy japanesy

    Bet next wed cant come fast enuf as well :grin:
  14. Kishy, no March 27th cant came fast enough then I can get my very own black shiny ER6N :( :(

    What can I say!
  15. thats march 2007 :( :( :( :( :( :(
  16. Good luck Ben.
    Keep your elbows relaxed.
  17. I passed :)
    Great course, very informative and the two guys teaching us (craig and george) were great (and very patient), now time to go and buy my bike :)
  18. Congrats Ben! Best of luck on the roads.

    The thing I noticed immediately after hitting the road after getting my L's was the nods from other riders. It's nice to know that other bike riders acknowledge you with a nod that seems to say both "G'day" and "Take Care".
  19. hey buddy, way to go !! congrats.
  20. congrats!!!

    See you on the road mate!

    I go for my advanced course on Feb 18, can't wait.