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[Adl] Day Ride, Sat 28th January

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by skoota, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Post subject: Day Ride 28th January
    This morning despite rain and bad weather the Adelaide branch of Disciples met up with the CMA S.A at Villi's cafe in Richmond and after coffee and prayer by Leon the CMA chaplain we all headed south towards Clarendon via Happy Valley.
    All proceeded well till the second set of traffic lights when a certain CX rider managed toget the CX sideways through an intersection after trying to stop on diesel covered roadway. The lights were red against said CX rider who I assure you prayed a loud prayer.
    After leaving the suburbs up through Happy Valley and heading for Clarendon all was going extremely well. Lovely sunny day with green fields and vineyards and little or no traffic. By this time Cxrider had largely dried out from the soaking he had recieved on his way to meet the girls and boys from the CMA.
    All through this wine rich area is the smell of maturing grapes waiting to be turned into the most wonderful red and white wines. Should some members get a hold of them they may not age for very long though. Because of mostly dry roads , good legal speeds were maintained and before long Kangarilla and picturesque Maclaren Vale Vale slip by almost as in a dream.
    Stopping for rest a stop in Meadows where in lies one of the finest cafe's of all time, but sadly with no time for a delicious brewed coffee and german strudel, which broke my heart mind you, we then headed to Echunga via a few u-turns. No we didn't get lost we just went exploring and it really wasn't cx rider jumping up and down at the site of muddy dirt road. NO definetely not.
    However, some wise fellow turned us all around and headed us off in the right direction.
    Out through Callington where as if by magic water again saturated cxrider and friends and a few minutes on the freeway and we were at our Host's new home and preparing to enjoy a repast fit for a king. How come we got it, I don't know just lucky I guess.
    Mt Barker is very pretty and Grahams home is landscaped beautifully and the food is great.
    After a couple of hours of good food including ice cream and fresh home made fruit salad. Peter a CMA member who lives near me (lucky bloke huh) and I headed off in a slightly more direct route steraight across to Echunga in bright sunshine. Just outside town the rain descended once more but it was so warm we just motored right on and we were quite dry by Meadows.
    I love the road Meadows to Clarendon. It is well surfaced and has good vision and few patrolling guardians of the law, so being good fellows we did what comes naturally and enjoyed our ride at the speed limit we set ourselves.
    Sadly all to soon the 25 and 35 k corners and the long sweepers give way to suburbia and home. As we entered the built up area I realised how hot it was and humid. Not to worry the Old CX had performed splendidly once more and for a short 300 k day it was a blast , rain and trail blazing and all.

  2. i picked up smoko from villies yesterday, saw the bikes there. wasnt anyone i recognised from the wednesday coffee night or id have said hello.

    glad to hear thinsg where ok for that CX rider.. sounds nasty hazard!
  3. Thanks. It was exciting to say the least.
    We have rides there or from there quite often keep an eye out for the ride calendar