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Adjusting the tappets on a CT110

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Si, May 20, 2007.

  1. Hi

    I'm trying to adjust the valve clearance on my Honda CT110. I know pretty much nothing about mechanics, but I thought I'd have a crack at it, since it was sounding really muddy and the top speed was starting to drop. Top speed is only about 80kmph on this bike, so every bit counts.

    Anyway, I've had three tries at it, following the manual as closely as possible. First try I ended up with no power at all. This was probably because I left the tightening nuts too loose and they just vibrated out. Second try it was a bit better, but there was still very little power, and the motor was tapping loudly like a sewing machine. Third try I think I've almost got it, but it's still tapping (a bit quieter) and there's still not enough power. I think I've got one valve right but the other one still needs adjusting. This is mostly just a guess though.

    I think my main problem is that the manual isn't very precise. It says to jiggle the rocker arms to test if the valves are open, but it doesn't give any clue as to what a rocker arm is. I figure it is the whole bit with the adjusting screw and locking bolt on it, which sits above the piston. I'm also not 100% sure I'm inserting the feeler guage in the right spot. I'm putting it between what I assume the rocker arm is and what I assume the piston is. Obviously the manual is designed for someone who already knows a bit about motors, but I have to start somewhere.

    I'm also not sure what the loud tapping sound is caused by. Does it mean the clearance is too small or too large?

    I know this is tricky over a computer, it might be easier if you have a postie bike of your own. Anything contructive is appreciated.
  2. Might want to check your cam chain, I have the honda workshop manual I'll have a look for you. Mine was easy too adjust took about 20 mins to get the valves done.
  3. did you pull off the stator cover to look at the flywheel?
    did you line the flywheel up at top dead center?

    you're right about the rocker arms. the feeler gauge should go under the rocker and the valve.
  4. Yeah, I lined up the little T, as close as I could get it.

    I'll have to look at the cam chain, not sure about it. My main problem at the moment is getting it to go like it used to before I mucked with it, so I can ride it again.

  5. r u by any chance that guy at UWS that rides a postie and in my hort class
  6. Zbike: No, I'm not a student, I work in the library. You'd be at Hawkesbury campus right? I'm at Kingswood and sometimes Parramatta campus.

    I managed to get my bike working properly again. It's a lot quieter than it was before I started meddling, and it seems to have a trifle more power than it did too. Not sure if it will go faster (or slower) now, I haven't had a chance to take it out of a 70 zone. This gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.