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Adjusting preload question

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RussellDP, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Hi guys and girls

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    I measured my rear suspension last night, and to me its sitting incorrectly and requires adjustment, but I will let you be the judge of that.

    Measured with suspension at full drop 543 mm, with rear wheel on ground at 525 mm and with load ( me and my gear ) at 490 mm. So that gives me about 18 mm of static sag and 53 mm of rider sag, so I figure the suspension is possibly too preloaded ( as I understand it about 5-10 mm of static sag and 30-40 mm of rider sag is about right ).

    I also note that the adjustment collar is on the tightest of its settings. And also that I am a heavier rider at about 125 kgs ( working on that too, but that's not the point )

    Now it appears I need a special crescent shaped spanner to adjust the collar, but what I am curious about is whether I should have to compress the spring a little in order to get the adjustment collar to rotate past its inbuild detents on the ramp, or should I just be able to get the right tool and it should rotate.

    Also, any advice as to whether the specs I have posted above is correct would be listened to.
  2. You should be able to change the preload without compressing the spring. To be honest, unless you're doing track work, set the preload where you think it's comfortable or if you want rigid. Change it for what you want. It just seems to me you're playing a numbers game instead of what will make you comfortable/happy.
  3. If its sagging too much, you're under preloaded. If it's maxxed out you'll need a heavier spring. Most bikes come sprung for a 70 odd kg rider
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  4. fixed it for you...
  5. Do you mean rebound/damping? Preload is the spring

    There is some truth in that, although - the 'number game' is your reference point and allows you to dial in the feel.
    Without recording your changes you are flying blind.

    A simple shakedown on the MT09 as reference.
    BitSar and Bikes: Setup & Shakedown: Solo suspension & Tyres
  6. Bugger, anyone got suggestions as to where to buy suspension for fat blokes?
  7. I am not sure what the locking ring on your suspension looks like but I have adjusted off road bikes with a hammer and punch, and more recently a C spanner i had from changing push bike gearing
  8. From your measurements, assuming you measure correctly at the same X - Y positions, your sag is 35mm (32mm is good for me), which is about right; however, you are a big bloke, so wind the preload up on the spring firstly(Compresses the spring, therefore preloaded it) .
    If it has rebound & Compression adjusters on the rear, perhaps set them at factory settings or mid range, then go from there... clockwise to firm things up, but do it slowly as part of trial and error when your out on a ride.(Count the clicks)
    I like a harder compression setting with a slightly softer rebound, but we are all different.
    As far as spending the dollars to upgrade suspension parts... ? As you are on a Hyosung GT250, just stick with what you have, when you have the $$$, then up grade the entire bike (that's my opinion, but it's your bike so spend up if you want).