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Adjusting front brake lever

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ametha elf, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. I ride a Yamaha Virago 1100. They are made for short folks like myself yet I struggle with the front brake lever, it is a long way back from the handlebars so every time I need to use it, I have to actually take my hand off the handlebar to reach it. I've spoken to a Yamaha dealership who told me this cannot be done, and I just "have to get used to it". Ive done a lot of riding on this bike over the last 6 months and have actually gotten used to it, but it would be SO much easier if I could use the lever properly!

  2. You could mod an on the fly clutch perch from a sports bike to do it. Without much cost.
  3. Mate what your after is a span adjustable brake leaver, this will change the distance that the leaver is away from the bar, and make it easier to reach.

    There are plenty around you just need to find one that will fit the virago brake master cylinder.

    There is a couple of other brands on the market like pazzo,asv and the likes but do get quit pricy.

    Ive got an 88 GSXR that has span adjusting leavers as standard.

    Probably about the same vintage as yours so their definatly out there, it's just a matter of going to a decent bike shop and speaking to the right people that are willing to help.

    Where you located?? maybe someone could help with a shop in your area that has a decent reputation.

    I'm in Sydney if i can help.

    Good luck.
  4. damo1, I'm in Brisbane. I've lined up a mechanic to take a look at it now that I know it can be done.
  5. A tip from dad (he's got a virago xv750)

    If the brake lever can be pulled all the way in - forget this, you may need braided lines first as he now has

    If you have plenty of clearance with the lever pulled hard, you can remove it and shave down the part which presses against the piston in the master cylinder just a little.
    About 1mm shaved can move the outer end of the lever in up to 1cm, so dont go too far

    And make sure the brakes can still be pulled on really hard without hitting the handlebar afterwards

    Might wanna get a spare lever from a wrecker to try it with too just in case :p

  7. damo1, I'm a girl with short hands. I cant reach the front brake lever from the handlebars. I've actually "gotten used to it" as the Yamaha dealership suggested, but it doesnt seem right that they should dismiss the problem as easily as that because after all it is braking we are talking of. Anyway, Im getting it looked at soon now that I know something can be done, ta guys for your help.
  9. For the record, I only mentioned that part about the lever going all the way in because dad's virago is from 1984, and the original rubber lines couldn't hold the pressure anymore.. thus he upgraded to braided lines in order to get full potential of the hydraulics

    Also he discovered something else today.. there was a little rubber boot type thing over the pivot point of the lever, and when looking under that he found an adjustment screw :)

    Loosen it off a fair way and that will give you heaps of freeplay, then maybe jam a piece of rubber where the spring is to hold the lever close to the handlebars (near where the freeplay is adjusted to)

    It makes sense in my mind :p maybe I'll draw a picture later if needed. But he tested that thisafternoon and it worked instantly.
    The only drawback was if you move the resting point too far in it sets off the brake light switch without even touching it (with a bit of fiddling you should be able to move that too)

    Let us know what the mechanic suggests