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Adjusting Electric Hot Water Temp

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by daewoo, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. We have just had a new Electric HW system installed.

    I thought that they all came now reset at 60 degrees, but obviously not...

    With three young kids I would like to turn the thermostat down...

    Is this a DIY job, or do I need an electrician, or a plumber???

  2. What sort of heater is it? Web link?

    I'm not familar with the most modern of heaters but older ones usually have a dial that you can adjust to change the temp settings.
  3. Yep we had a solar hot water system installed recently. There should be a thermostat located on or near the tank.
  4. It is a Vulcan [​IMG]

    The model number is 66151508

    I tried to find a web link but couldn't. It doesn't seem to have any external attachments unless it is behind the panel where the 240v Feed goes in...

    It is between 2 water tanks that fill the gap between the house and the fence, so I need drain 1 tank, disconnect the plumbing, and move it to get to the HW System... don't want to do it and then find out I need to call (and wait) for a plumber...

    Thanks for your help so far,

  5. Thermo should be under that flap. I'd probably google more or ask for a NR plumber
  6. On some brands of hot water heaters there is a little dial that you can put a flat head screw driver in to adjust the temp.
  7. All I can find on the Vulcan website is this:


    It lists a few electric models but none of them have the same serial/model number.

    Does it look anything like the two heaters in the photo? If so then the controls should be under the flaps.

    You may have to move one of the water tanks, particularly if there is a need to access the heater, say, to shut it off to repair a pipe or something.
  8. +1

    Your Vulcan will have a flap near the base and the thermostat will be in there and it is a simple matter of turning the dial to a cooler setting.

    Definitely a DIY job, and there will likely be instructions printed on the inside of the flap.
  9. They are movable in an emergency... , have couplings and isolation taps and everything... it just means that I have to put 1000L of water on the front lawn...

    Thanks everyone for your help... I knew Netrider would come through... I'll have a go over the weekend...