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Adjusting chain tension

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by takagawa, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. I've recently given my chain a cleaning with kerosene and some new clear lube, and now it looks pretty damn prestine (after one month of performing no maintenance whatsoever).

    However, on the centrestand I put it into third and watch it spin, I notice how 'sometimes' as the chain moves around, the top part of the chain (as it goes from right to left) 'jerks' up and down. Which led me to believe it requires some adjustment.

    Now reading the manual, and some guides, I really have no idea what it's talking about when it says to find the 'tightest spot'. I understand about loosening the nut and moving the thing-ami but how is this supposed to improve things. Maybe someone can be alot more elaborate (ie. as if speaking to a child :p ) and maybe include some pic-turrrres :D

  2. what they mean is chains from normal use, stretch.
    Put the bike on the centre stand and rotate the rear wheel and check the looseness of the chain in an up and down motion you will usually find one part of the chain does'nt move as much as the rest.
    Follow the books instructions and tighten the chain to 20-30mm slack then rotate the wheel again checking the slackness over the full length of the chain, measure the slackness of the chain at the tightest part.
  3. You are best off doing the adjustment with a rider on the bike (off the centre stand). this gives you the real world scenaria. 20-30mm at the mid point is about right.

    If you do it on the centre stand and the front sprocket is a long way away from the swing arm pivot this will change dramtically when the bike is ridden. I made this mistake on a mates GN250. the result was it actually effected handling.

    If it jerks up and down when you rotate it by hand I would say two or more of the links have seized. If it is at speed I would say that is pretty normal.