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Adjusting brake and clutch lever on CBR250R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Polowski, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if any of you could explain to me (keeping in mind that I am a motorcycle noob) how I can adjust the brake and clutch levers so that they are a bit closer to the handlebars.

    I have stumpy fingers :mad: :mad: and i feel it would be a bit safer and more efficient if i didnt have to do serious stretching in order to get all 4 fingers over the levers when in use.

    I have a MC19 1988 CBR250R noobmobile.

  2. Is there a wheel with numbers on it on the brake lever? If so push the lever forward and rotate the wheel to another number.
    Clutch levers usually aren't adjustable - but is sometimes possible to replace with one that has a better shape.
  3. Ill have to wait until this afternoon when I get home and can take a closer look

    i figured the long weekend was a perfect opportunity to fix a few of the little niggling problems i have found with the bike
  4. Theres a little wheel on your brake lever, if you want i can take a pic of it, but theres a little bit of adjustment with that, its bugger all tho. Can't adjust your clutch im afraid.
  5. i actually had a closer look and you are right, there is a little twist knob thing that actually adjusts it for you. so simple i cant believe i didnt see it before i made this post!

    the brake was the main issue im not really that worried about the clutch, that is actually ok.

    thanks for the tips folks :)
  6. Owner's Manual is a wonderful thing, buy one off Ebay.
    Lots of useful information on getting teh most out of your bike.

    Regards, Andrew.