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Adjustable levers and fitment

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by crembz, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Quick question for those who might know, are adjustable levers universal?

    Reason I ask is I purchased a set of eBay levers. Brake lever fits fine, however the clutch lever doesn't give enough movement to properly disengage the clutch. Due to the shape of the lever, even at its furthest setting, it hits the handle without pulling the cable in enough.

    I'd there a way to adjust this elsewhere? Do I need a different perch? Thanks

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  3. is the clutch cable adjusted properly?
    looking at their recent negative feedback, maybe they sent the wrong ones? :D
  4. I did the same thing, bought cheap levers and I got what I paid for - the clutch lever was never quite right but it seemed to function OK. Until a few hundred KM's later it started to stick ... really stick.

    You don't want that ever. If they don't fit, they don't fit.

    Needless to say they were ditched immediately, I was 400km from home and headed into a four day ride. The nearest Honda dealer took stock levers off a bike he had on the floor for me so we could keep going. Got back and bought Pazzos and haven't thought twice about them since. They may be more expensive but they fit and more importantly they work.

    My noob mistake, it could have ended much worse, this is no help at all with working out what is happening with yours I am sure someone will be along to help :)

    First and last time I buy cheap shit for my bike, it's too expensive!
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  5. Yeah that's what I thought, although I cannot find levers specific for a spada so I ordered a honda bros set thinking they'd be interchangable. That why I'm trying to find out whether levers are generally a universal fitment.

    My other option is to buy an aftermarket set with perches and levers included, that way i know the levers are right. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/390800504541?euid=0070362bbc4b4aacafeaf8131ef05c6b&cp=1
  6. Yeah these don't even function, there simply isn't enough movement between the lever and the handlebar. Seems to me that they were designed for a perch with a different angle.
  7. Here's a pic of the difference
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  9. Quick answer.

  10. Yup looks like that's the case. I can't find any levers for the Spada ... had a look at a vtr250 today, they look like they have the exact same perches. Been looking at different sites to see what else is cross compatible but I'm getting conflicting information. Anyone know if the mc19/22 or any other honda uses the same perches?

    Apparently the cb600 hornet does but only up to 07 ... the ones I bought are 07+ so guess they changed the perches then. Not sure what else ... I can't rely on images on ebay, they seem to use the same product shots for all models.
  11. You said the brake side fits and operates correctly?
    In what way is the clutch side fowled?
  12. Simply not enough travel between the handlebar and the bottom of the lever to properly disengage the clutch. See the photo I posted? Seems the lever is angled too close to the handle, as though it was designed for a different perch. I also had to drill out the pivot hole a little more but it fit in that sense.

    I tried adjusting the clutch cable, but no matter how it is adjusted, the lack of travel means I can't fully engage or disengage it.
  13. Ah huh......yeah bummer mate - not a lot you can do about that.
  14. Yeah well as it stands I have the option of gambling with a compatible set off another model Honda or buying levers + perches/brake reservoir off ebay (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/390948623466?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT). Only thing keeping me away is really the availability of replacement levers.

    Would the MC19/22 levers fit?

    I'm thinking of just getting these (http://www.xcitebikes.com.au/lv001/) it mentions that the following models are compatbile with the MC19/22:
    • CBR400 (92-95)
    • CBR600RR (F2, F3, F4 91-07)
    • CBR900RR
    • CBR919RR
    • Hornet 250
    • Hornet 600 (00-08)
    This Ebay listing (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brake-Cl...72?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3f1abc9560) says:

    Honda CB599 / CB600 HORNET 1998-2006 (F18/H626)
    Honda CB919 2002-2007 (F18/H626)
    Honda CBR 600 F2,F3,F4,F4i 1991-2007 (F18/H626)
    Honda CBR900RR 1993-1999 (F18/H626)
    Honda VTX1300 2003-2008 (F18/H626)
    Honda NC700 S/X 2012 (F18/H626)
    Honda CBR 250 MC19/MC22 (F18/H626)
    Honda CBR 400 NC23/NC29 (F18/H626)
    Honda VTR 250 1998-2006 (F18/H626)
    Hornet 250/600 1998-2006 (F18/H626)
    Honda VFR 400 NC30 (F18/H626)
    Honda CBR 400 NC35 (F18/H626)
    Honda CB400SF 1992-1998 (F18/H626)
    Honda CB400VTEC 2002-2008 (F18/H626)

    And this (http://japan.webike.net/products/1035014.html) suggests the VTR250 is compatible with the Spada. I saw the VTR250 perches at the mechanic's, look identical.

    Anyone know for certain?
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  16. Can you calculate or work out how much cable travel you need to fully activate and deactivate the clutch ?
    If you can work that out then you might be able to match a lever based on the pivot point and linear travel of the cable mount point.
    Just spend a few minutes wandering around bike shops to see what they have on the floor that has a similar shape and movement at the pivot.
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  18. It's not woolies/Big W selling them, it's just a venture with ebay to streamline shipping/pickup of items from your local.

    If you want measurements or closeups of the vtr250 levers let me know.
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  19. Just figured that out lol. I'm certain the vtr250 fits, according to the Honda part finder it fits also. I walked past a vtr at the mechanics today and the perch was identical as was the cable. Funny, the part finder says the 11-13 cbr250r also uses the same part, but makes no mention of the 500, which according to other sites is cross compatible with the 300/250.... At a loss!
  20. Honda doesn't stray too far from what they know, and in the case of levers there's really very little reason to (the more common parts the better for damage prone areas). I wouldn't expect any issue with levers from any of the models mentioned, despite the confusion in their databases.