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Adjust Rear Shock Pretension?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jimmythehuman, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. What do you use to adjust the shock pretension as per the following picture? I assume there is a tool for doing this? DO i need ot compress the spring first like in struts?

    Mine is on the second lowest and wanna put it on the highest and see how it changes the ride height and feel on the road.

  2. Jimmy,
    two general reasons to fiddle the rear preload,

    1-to compensate for extra load from a pillion/luggage when touring, or those of us somewhat heftier than the generic Japanese rider the factory settings suit.

    2-increased rear preload should raise rear a little (reduce rear sag) generally done to sharpen up the steering.
  3. Yep i am a fair bit bigger than the guy i bought it off, and he said he had never changed since he bought it. I would like to raise it a little too, question is do i need to compress the spring to do it?
  4. There should be a tool in your toolkit assuming you got one, that locks into the lugs that will allow you to adjust the preload.

    If you dont have that tool, maybe someone else may have the same bike near by.
  5. Buggar - no tool kit :(

    I would be happy to buy one though...just from a bike shop?
  6. Jimmy. I live in Langwarrin, and the preload adjustment tool from my bike will adjust that preload collar for you as it's the exact same deal.

    Gimme a PM and we'll hook up one afternoon/evening, any day you like, and we'll fix it and make sure that your preload sag is set correctly.
  7. COOOL!!!

    Thanks - just figure when free this week - any night specifically better for you?
  8. Any day really.
  9. Mate thanks for the offer. I went for a ride around langy tonight - mainly screaming up and down quary road and came home and put the jimmy bar on that adjuster and got it up to the highest notch from second lowest, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! In fact6 i backed it off one noitch now and it feels perfect, and has VASTL:Y affected how the front end feels.

    Before it was very loose and orrible in corner and now it feels much sturdier and firmer on the road.

    Still be nice to catch up, or ride into town for coffee night? Maybe on a nightyou have no one else to ride with, i dont wanna hold all you litre class machines up :)