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Adjust/change levers on EL250(or any bike) for small hands

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by robbieb, May 14, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know of a good way to adjust/alter/change the levers on a Kawaskai EL250 to suit a rider with small hands? I found a 1994 EL for my girlfriend for $3700 with low kms, immaculate condition, but the only problem is the levers are too far for her to reach. The guys in the shop said they couldn't find a way to adjust or change them that would work. I know you can get alloy welded, but that wouldn't be a very safe option for a brake lever would it? and bending isn't a very safe option either, as the alloy can crack, yes? If anyone has done this for their wife/partner/self please let me know how you did it



  2. I will look at the manual tonight Rob, but you might need to buy some aftermarket ones.

  3. If done very carefully, they can be bent in towards the grips further,
    Nadeen has very small fingers and I bent the levers a fare way. Most 'good' bike shops will tell you it can be done BUT be prepared to break one or two b4 you get the sweet spot right, They wont crack they just snap if you go too far.

    I used a length of pipe and wedged a small block of wood between the grip and the lever... don't 'jerk' use a smooth continuous motion, stopping to check frequently with the 'small fingers' :p
    As soon as Nadeen said "yup thats much better" I did a visual check for any cracks and left them alone :) 2500k later the 'modded' levers are still going great !
  4. Another idea is to try an off-road accessories shop and see it you can find a set of 'dog-leg' levers that will fit....
  5. Nothing showing in the manual about adjusting the levers.

    I also checked my bike tonight and there is definately no adjustments.

  6. I contacted a local foundry about the possibility of casting some levers for me. Unfortunately, I'd have to wait about 6 months before they could do anything in Aluminium. I'd have to supply a cast say in wood also. But for the heat and 4 levers (1 set plus a spare set) it would cost me about $150, making it $37.50 a lever. Dunno how this compares to other after market levers or adjustable levers. Another alternative would be to make something up out of a block of aluminium.
    The shop is still looking into it though, they haven't given up on us, which is nice.

    Or I could just have a go at bending them as Bob said. If they break, a replacement lever should be less than $37.50??
  7. hi robbieb. speaking from experience some levers can be bent to suit your requirements.

    i went on a motorcycle trip though Taiwan a year or so ago. the front brakes on the bike i was using weren't to the standard i was comfortable with. i stopped in at one of the 100's of one man bike mechanic shops situated along the way and did my best to explain to him in terrible Taiwanese about my brake issue.

    he pulled out a good size ring spanner, slipped it over the front brake lever, using the leverage proceeded to bend the lever outwards (resulting in a lever with more travel) to my surprise it worked great. he waved me on my way - resourceful mob, i'll give'em that.

    In your case your bending the other way - my only concern would be that you may loose lever travel and hence your braking maybe compromised.
    I'd go to the wreckers, pick up a spare and test. all the best.
  8. Well we had some success! We picked the bike up on Saturday and they had managed to adjust the clutch lever in as far as it can go, and replaced the brake lever with a 5 point adjustable lever off a zx9r. So the little EL should brake real good now :LOL: It was simply a case of them grabbing different levers and trying them all til something worked.
    If any more adjusting needs doing we might just give the clucth lever a little bit of a bend, shouldn't need much though
    Rode it home, good fun, easy to ride bike. Even managed to scrape my right foot on the road going right at a roundabout!