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Adios - A week of ... headaches?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by glipschitz, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Well all,

    I am off today to run a Scout Camp for 4500 Cub Scouts. --> www.cuboree.com

    I'll be online a little bit, but otherwise will see you all in a week or so :)


  2. Take care and have fun.

    Cya when you get back
  3. Greg, I believe your headaches will be somewhat less than a couple of others on this forum.
  4. Thanks for the well wishes Vic.

    A pretty uneventful day so far.... lets just hope it stays this way for the week.

  5. Well I'm back, absolutely buggered, bit back.

    Hope to get out on the road again after 2 weeks of not riding :)

    Off to beddies now, not much sleep during the week (www.cuboree.com)

  6. Did'ja have fun? Never been to a cuboree. Went to the '91 Jamboree in Ballarat tho.....yes....im a scout :) about to get booted tho :( im too old now :x
  7. And who are you? Baloo? Arkela?
  8. I was an Akela, but now just on a few committies etc at Branch, and somehow ended up as a Director for Cuboree.

    Was a hoot, seeing that many happy kids was just so rewarding. You put so many hrs into an event like this, to see all the tired faces, but still happy, just a hoot!

  9. Good work, having been a scout for about 22 years I know how much hard work it is, and how great an institution the Scouting movement is.