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Adhesives for fairing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by emilmh, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,
    This is my first post so i hope that it turns out alright!

    I just got my first bike, an 88 ninja/gpx250r-II (import version) and im pulling it apart to clean it and do some general maintanence. Now the fairing has snapped 'tabs' (not by me, by the previous owner) in some places and im wondering what adhesives should be used on the fairing.
    i have looked in shops but most just say they are "suitable for many plastics". I dont want to go the trial and error route.
    What kind of plastic is bike fairing made of, in particular the ninja/gpx250. Is it ABS plastic?
    What adhesives have you used previously?

    All advice appreciated!

  2. Welcome. Nice to see a first post with a solid relevant question that will be of interest to many I am sure.

    I have made a fairing tab repair with 2-pack epoxy Araldite. But frankly it was not a great success. I eventually made an 'L' shaped support from thin aluminium and bonded that with araldite to the original tab and panel, then re-drilled the fixing hole. Not too elegant, but it lasted until in sold the bike several months later.
  3. Don't know for sure but it's likely that the fairing is ABS - have a look on the inside for some sort of partcode/info moulded into the plastic which may confirm this. There are some solvents on the market specifically designed for bonding ABS resin which are basically Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) mixed with a quantity of dissolved ABS resin (often sold as ABS pipe cement or similar in hardware stores). Super-glue or epoxy resin are safe for use on ABS resin however the join will always be weaker than the original plastic so may break under load.
  4. Plastex

    Its the bees knees.

    If you still have the tabs it will reattach them stronger than before. If you have another one to use as a mould you can use it to make a new tab.

    [edit] This is probably a more useful link
  5. Yay a first post that isn't a "For Sale" post.

    Welcome, good question, I like Moikes post, I would have said plastex :)
  6. Does anybody who's used this before know if small kit will be enough to create a mould and make one plug/clip thingo for my side fairing??, 5 grams of powder doesn't really sound like it could do much and the next biggest kit is $75!!! :shock:
  7. Hi emil, Give me your address in a PM and I will send you enough to do the job for you. It is easy to use and will hold very solid, I do fairing repairs down here in Melbourne for a few places. And Kraven, if you get over my way one day give me a holler and we will make one for you to help you out

  8. I have used a good quality "thick" CA glue + activator with good results.

    But the best offer by far is BuellNs' Goodonya Doc :applause:

  9. Second Moike on that, Plastex works (if instructions are followed).
    ABS/ PP whatever the base, no probs.
    Small pack will easily make 1 tab, quite possibly more.
    JB-Weld for metals (or that Bostich-stuff, dual component stick, cutt off what you need, knead thoroughly to mix, use).

    Plastex available through Peter Stevens (most probably others, too), metal-fixers at bearing shops/ industrial supplies.
  10. thanks for the informative info!
    I'll look into some of the options
  11. As of today I have found another option to plastex. It is called Q-Bond. Sounds the same as plastex (never used it so can't compare) You get 2 10ml bottles of glue & estimate about 20mls of black plastic powder & also 20mls of aluminium powder. For $22. Tried it out this arvo & seems to work a treat. Pour the powder into the crack, drip the glue on & you get a cool smoking chemical reaction which goes solid in 10 seconds flat. Powder is $8 for replacement & glue is $4.50 or there abouts. Got mine from Rob Hamilton bearings. Distributed by J.W Ross & sons (Australia). Email for manufacturer olym@worldonline.co.za.