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ADF Gap-Year (info wanted)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by donkey-shlong, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. ok, so me and a mate are 'considering' the adf gap year as an option for next year,
    im sure there will be someone on NR whos done it or who knows someone doing it... :)

    mates going to have just have completed yr 12, im gona just have completed a year at tafe (from after vce).
    most important question- would we be able to be in the same group through the year?
    and whats the deal with leave?, weekends? etc
    and whats it REALLY like?

    if anyone has infomation, i will probably have more questions, :)
    and i assume i am posting in the right place :LOL:
  2. dont think anyone has dont it yet, as its pretty damn new.

    go google for the ADF website, they possibly even have one devoted to the gap-year as its a big initiative drive.

    and email them if you have any questions, you'll be getting more accurate answers i think, rather than having us guess and pretend we know :cool: :LOL:
  3. i have not done the gap but i have done the 7 week training course. and as far as what is it like really? well it's not for everyone. sad for me my poor old knees failed me and i had to leave the army. the army is tough, very tough. think your fit? think again. dont like people telling you what to do or yelling in your face? cant handle stress? like to shower everyday ?the army is not for you. but if you can handle it and make it through you will be a true ledgend, one of only few that can do it. you will form a life long bond with your digger mates. only one way to find out.... give it a go.
  4. Guy I worked with got kicked out of the regulars for a blown out shoulder. All he would talk about at work was getting back in. He tried later, but they wouldn't risk having him back...