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Adelaides coldest Winter for 27 years

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gazza157, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. OK.

    I would like too know. WHo has been riding in the current cold snap we are having.
    I know I have, since i dont own are car, but are they many Netriders out there in Adelaide who have been braving the cold.

    Last nights temp was 0.4 deg Cel the second coldest temp ever. the coldest since the early 80's when it reached a chilling -0.6

    and what about windchill factor?? What temp does that bring it down too when your riding at 80 km/hr??? I dont know.
  2. As if I needed another reason not to visit Adelaide... :LOL:
  3. Just been reading a book called 50 Degrees Below. Set a few years in the future. Its set in Washington, The Icefields have started to melt. The weather has gone crazy. The japanese are pushing supertankers thru the South East Passage which now exists. And climatic change is here to stay. My favourite line, actually the last line in the previous book 'Antartica' is one politician to another politician in passing boats near the Washington Monument in a square in the middle of town "Can we do something about global warming now"
  4. sounds like an interesting book.
  5. I make the trek from Morphett Vale to the city every day for work. By the time I get in my hands are numb. Plus I only have a summer jacket. All that venting is great in summer but not at the moment :cry:
  6. 'Twas a frost in Newton this morning. I was used to them in Naracoorte, but this is a bit unusual for me...
  7. I went and got a winter jacket. its been great i have too say. just the hands and the tops of my thighs. They end up frozen as.......

    I ride from Magill to Edinburgh Parks, behind Elizabeth every day.
  8. Twas a frost everywhere, I know. brrrrrrrrrr

    I thought last week was cold till i got to this week.
  9. wait till next week. :)
    Not bad in melb tofay. Commuted on the pushy. In shorts :)
  10. Been riding every day, during this 'cold snap'
    Even went into town last night for coffee, along with some otherbrave Netriders.
  11. lol

    yeah ive been riding every day.

    I almost made it into the city last night cept that I had to go out to dinner for a birthday. So couldnt make it.
  12. Yeah I've been riding in this weather, bloody froze my hands last night coming home from coffee in these stupid sumer gloves ive got..

    Every set of lights this morning i just shoved my hands down into the motor to keep em warm...
  13. I ride to work at 2pm every day, and home at 10:30pm :)

    Yeah it gets pretty cold after a few minutes, my finger tips suffer, as does my chin and parts of my legs.

    I'm just waiting for the torrential rain to come :LOL:
  14. Yeah Ive noticed no rain so far this winter. Its gonna get nasty when it hits this cold plus rain. Lots of Ice in the morning then.
  15. Yay! Sounds great! Can't Wait :roll:

  16. indeed

    then we will see bumper cars on the adelaide roads. Just have to control the bike to get through them all. :p
  17. How is that different to any other time of the year in Adelaide :LOL:
  18. So true hehehehe

    Man its a mad house out there
  19. Up till 2 weeks ago I still rode every day. however the last 2 weeks were freezing, so I went & bought thicker gloves & am now back on the bike.
    even rode today! Had ice on my visor 1/2 way to town!
  20. 0.2 at 7am this morning...

    im riding with an open faced helmet.. a neck warmer and a balaclava on!

    plus my winter weight gloves and my Rjays Voyager 2 jacket!!

    so very cold!