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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nE0, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Hello!

    I've just arrive at Festive Adelaide couple of days ago.

    Could anyone give me some advice on where or how I can check out the local biking scene?

    Meetups? popular bike shops etc?

    Oh yes, it would be great to be able to get a bike and ride around too... The hills in the east look quite nice..
  2. I learnt to ride in Adelaide and only left there a bit over a year ago. Great riding in the hills and down south towards Victor Harbour. Just be careful on the Gorge Road. Lots or maniac wannabe Rossi's through there and huge trucks so going a bit too fast and going wide is very nasty there. Many riders are killed each year on that road.

    I'm well out of the scene now(in fact it only really kicked off after I left) but AF2AF3 is/was pretty active. Look him up in the userlist and PM him. He can probably fill you in on what is happening. Enjoy the riding.
  3. I'm not really in the scene but there is the weekly cafe meet up and I'm sure the hills up my way will give you plenty of fun.
  4. Welcome nE0,

    catch up with us at coffee one night if you want, or turn up at
    one of our rides. All levels of learning ability catered for.
  5. wednesday nights be ur best bet mate.

    come down n see us at scoozi's you missed a big oen tonight with teh victorian riders across here!
  6. Gorge road (bridge to bridge runs)

    Lobethal (its a town look it up)

    Eagle on the hill (dual lane twisties)

    Tippet Road (the mad mile)

    Chain of Ponds (high speed = airborne)

    Adelaide-Lobethal Road (nearly 25km of non stop twisties)
  7. south road-yankalilla-victor harbor is a good one too (aka delamere rd)
  8. I love the Eagle on the hill pub, fantastic meals and great service too :)
  9. Hey thanks guys for the suggessions...

    I just spent 3 days touring (4 wheels) the barossa valleys, Claire, Yorke Peninsula (what a barren place!) and McLaren, down to Victor Harbour.

    And... i've ran out of time for riding! I'll be flying back on Saturday :(

    I'll be popping down to one or two of the bike shops tomorrow though, i love checking out local bike shops :)
  10. where are you heading back to? you could have come riding with us melbournites, too late now :(
  11. Singapore! :D

    South Australia is a wonderful, beautiful place, would really love to return for another visit (y)
  12. OI! Adelaide Boys! Tell Jess I said hi! I'll be seein' y'all right after the New Year.