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Adelaide wannabe scooterist

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Rob_SA_Scoot, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    I'm new to the forum and to motorbikes (unless you count the CB100 I rode for a while back in the 70's). I'm looking to get a scooter as a commute. I work a 15 minute drive from the city of Adelaide and I can get free parking in the basement of my building, so riding a scooter will be about $10 a day cheaper than taking a car, more convenient than public transport, and hopefully more fun. Theoretically the scooter should more than pay for itself within the first year.

    The downside is that I'm the best part of 6' tall and weigh over 100Kg, so small scooters like the Milan are a bit cramped for me. I'd like to hear from others what scooters they have and what their thoughts are. There seems to be a lot of product in the $1900 - $2000 range (plus the ubiquitous "on road costs"), then a jump to the next group in the $2700 - $3000 range. Is the extra grand an indication of quality as well as size, and does a larger frame actually make the ride more comfortable or does it just mean that a couple of underfloor tubes are likely to be flexing more because they're longer? The dealers seem to be big on generalisations and feel-good opinions but fairly small on factual information.

    Any comments would be very gratefully appreciated.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Nice to hear you will get a Scooter!

    I am a Scooterist too, I am in the scooter group in Melbourne. They know a lot more different styles/ brands of Scooter, you can ask them on the Scooter forum.

    and the link below you can check out all the models which aviliable in Australia.


    hope will have chance to ride with us when you come to Melbourne. we do regular ride every 1 st Sunday of the month, and some occassion rides during weekday night. we try to organise more rides and more often.

    wish you luck for scooter search and enjoy the ride!

  3. Not trying to get OT but for a guy your size a motorbike might be more comfortable and, frankly, move your bulk around much more easily. A 100cc scooter will be reving it's ring off to get you moving.

    What license do you have?
  4. Hi deyago

    I only have a car licence. Once upon a time I had a bike licence, but when they brought all the licences into line (I think in the 80's) they asked if I still wanted my Bike and LT licences and fool that I was I said no.

    I honestly have no interest in riding a bike anymore, and the free parks in my building are for pushbikes or scooters only, so a bike would defeat the purpose. It's 99% about a cheap commute and 1% about fun for me. I do appreciate what you're saying though, and I do realise that I'll need to be gentle with the little restricted 50cc motor or it'll blow its pooper valve in no time! :)


  5. You can go for Aprilia SR-50 Di-tech!
    Which is 50cc Di-tech, it can go like a 100cc 2 storks, max speed around 100-120kph. Of coz what you need to pay is a 120cc Scooter price. It have a very high seat - 800mm, so would suit someone tall.

    Some of the scooter - Sporty style - like mine :p Peugeot Speedfight it's a 100cc scooter, but they might have 50cc version in SA, they do have 50cc in UK. Lot of brand do 50cc on their 100-150cc models in UK. I think you might able to get one here too.

    I remember I saw a 50cc Speedfight on tradingpost long time ago.

    Just go to the website I told you before, there have all models and details, sometimes even RPP. That will give a some idea.

    Scooter not just 1% Fun!! it's lot of FUN!!

    Ask the others how good I did on Arthur Seat!!! :wink: :p


  6. Hi Scootergal

    I think I'm looking at either a Tornado or a Red Devil as a first scooter. A local shop has some that were used as runabouts from the grand prix... low km's and the price seems about right.

    Thanks for the website url. It's given me some good reading!

  7. hi all im nearly 16 im looking for a 50cc speedfight as well are they alright for niping to town in

  8. Where are you from? Victoria? or other state? Cause different State has their own rule for ride a scooter, if you are in Victoria, then you are still not allow to get on any scooter or motorbike, until 18 years old ( i think they changed to 18 rather than 17 yrs old and 9 months).

    If not from Victoria, I think SA or even QLD you can start to get on 50 cc scooter at 16. You need to check it with the traffic department in your state.

    By the way, Speedfight 50cc I don't think it's aviliable in Victoria. But maybe other state, cause more people get on 50cc in any other state rather than in Victoria (Melbourne).

    For a Speedfight 100cc, it's a 2-storks scooter, so which is more powerful than 125cc 4-storks scooter. But actually 2-storks is a bit diffcult for a learner as the speed and power not so smooth than a 4-storks, it doesnt go up gear or down gear one by one as the 4-storks does. But it will be more fun and powerful than a 50cc 4-storks scooter.

    You can go to the link below, which is a speedfight owner club in UK, you can ask them anything related to speedfight 50cc or 100cc. I learned a lot from there!


    and those links in the previous message, you can get some idea of all scooters available in Australia, also the feature and price of each scooters!

    good luck with your scooter search!

    Always happy to try to help you, just ask me when you have any question, i can try to ask someone else whose interested in scooter too!

  9. I am the same as you Rob, (6 foot & around the 100kg range) and also in Adelaide looking for a cheap commute to work and also a bit of fun since I don't want to get to the trouble of going for a motorbike license and also I would probally kill myself if I had a bike :).

    It may be a bit high in the price range but I am looking at the brand new 2005 Yamaha Aerox 50. I reckon the build quality is a lot more higher than some of the cheaper brands available.

    Apparently according the salesperon, they are capable of around 90 km/h on a straight stretch of road but I am going to ring up the other Yamaha dealerships and also do some more research on the net to find out if that is true.

    I think it is fairly big for a scooter as well compared to the $2000 models. When I was in the showroom I actually walked by them because I thought they were the larger 100cc model so they are deceptive in size.

    Also the 50cc model has disc brakes both the front and rear as usually the cheaper brands have on a drum on the rear and is also liquid cooled which is an added benefit. The RRP is around $4000 plus ORC so probally at the end of the day will be around $4500 ride away with a helmet and you'll be looking at about $100 for a service through them as well. I intend on paying cash so I would expect some sort of deal like no on-road or something but I don't like my chances :).

    I am hoping to have a test ride sometime soon so that will be the true test.

    I'm going for the Yamaha because I drive around 200kms a week just on going to and from work alone.

    Good luck with your search Rob!
  10. i wish a 50cc liquid cooled stock scooter could do 90km/h, but alas that is only the case if it's an aprilia sr50, or if you've tuned it pretty heavily. most top out around 60-70, at your size 50cc is going to struggle to get you beyond that.

    getting a bike licence really isn't that big a deal, and once you have it you could open up your options and get a 100cc peugeot speedfight, or something similar more suitable for you.

    finally, if you really want a 50cc you could buy one off the guy who sold me mine, he imported them back in 99, and they've been sitting in a warehouse ever since, so the're as new (0k's) far cheaper than your yamaha, excellent build quality, (i've bingled mine and it took it very well.)

    set you back $2,000 on the road with 12 months rego.

    rear brake is drum (who cares, the front does most of the work)
    no high beams, weird but for day driving not the end of the world
    if you crash it parts would be hard to get

    cheap! does the job
    excellent build quality, excellent engine (not cheapo asian, it's italian)
    can be modified to go faster
    sexy!.. for a scooter of its price anyway :wink:


  11. OH did you get the scooter back?!... I thought it was written off :?
  12. Three months down the track, 100K's on the clock, and my Gypsy has opened up quite a bit... or maybe just that I'm more confident?

    Acceleration to 60K is no problem, if I'm not careful I end up doing 70, and if I flog it I can get 75.... more than quick enough for this little black duck!
  13. :D I was very set in ways about when I was searching for a scooter to suit me as I'm only 156cm tall with a short legs not just anything would do. My stipulations were:
    100cc ONLY
    maximum $2500
    had to be able to hold it up and touch ground with tippy toes

    I ended up with:
    bike worth $5000 paid $4000 (end of financial year sale)
    and a bike I feel realllly comfy on and everything.
    The 125cc TGB Voodoo zips around pretty nicely, max speed 100km/h and looks sexy as in blue and gold. It has a front disc brake, back is drum (I hear this is a bad thing but I've never had any problems with braking) tyre are tubeless and look like motorbike tyres (which is a feature I like, looks more robust than some small tyre scooters), fuel gauge (VERY HANDY), underseat space, back rack, little hook in front of my legs (great for the shopping bag that diddddn't quite fit into underseat storage) and is comfy to ride. I am in NSW so I went for the Learner Rider course for 2 days on a put-putting 50cc Honda scooter they had supplied, passed it, passed the knowledge test on the computer at the RTA with 100% correct (yay me), rode on Ls for a full 6 months (which is the max time on Ls before you HAVE to try for Ps) then got Ps on a very very wet and pouring day, of the 7 who went through the class, just 3 passed! As I did the whole weekend, once my Ps are over, my licence turns intoa full blown motorbike licence. I love my scooter right now so can't see myself really getting into riding a bike though may consider a Virago LOL if I had to try something :)