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Adelaide to sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sprinkles, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. I want to make the trip form Adelaide to Sydney on a sports bike, prob a 600 just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips and if there's anything to remember, also wondering what the best route it

    plus if anyone knows the cost of shipping a bike to Sydney from Adelaide that would be nice to know


  2. You can go through Broken Hill or through Mildura and across the Hay Plain.

    Do not travel at night on either route unless you want to be wearing a large furry marsupial. It also gets very very cold after sundown. :LOL:

    I've done the trip across through Hay and Mildura quite a few times on bikes ranging from an RD250 Yamaha to a K100 BMW and it's a pretty easy run. You'll have no problems on any modern bike. (Apart from the Highway Patrol in NSW)
  3. The route you take depends on how much time you have available to make the trip.

    If you have to be there as soon as possible then take one of the most direct routes, through Broken Hill or Mildura.

    If you have a week or so, consider the Great Ocean Road, to Geelong, then off to Sydney via the coast, or up through Albury/Wodonga.

    If you have a couple of months then go via Perth.
  4. I've done it in my truck and cars, we mainly take the hay plains, but its sooo damn boring... 16 hours of nothing...

    +1 for Mildura or Great Ocean Road
  5. hmm, continue up great alpine rd. Head into snowy's/jinda. from there down to bega into tathra and bermagui. then up highway + scenic routes. and continue on from sydney.

    allow a week or two.