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Adelaide to Qld the long way

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Loot., Mar 2, 2013.

  1. We just got back from our epic journey.
    Best road-Bonang
    Best short ride-Mt. Beauty to Bright
    Most dangerous-Sth Gippsland
    Most picturesque-Grafton to Glen Innes
    Scariest-Snowy turn off to Khancoban
    Stupidest speed limits-Bells Line
    Worst surface-Thunderbolts
    Most diverse-Putty

    All up,7100 kms of awsome roads and I survived.
  2. Took heaps,what would you like to see ?
  3. I have a penchant for Ducati's set against a background of epic landscapes, preferably with water and/or mountains in shot.
  4. Wouldn't the long way be clockwise via Perth & Darwin ?
  5. Have a go yourself and tell me its not the long way.
  6. Ive got some cracker shots of just that,uploads will happen tomorrow.
  7. Damn. I was expecting some shots from home. You eastern staters don't know what the long way is...
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  8. At least one of us does......lol

    I've done the coastal route to Port Hedland by bike. Only went via Perth as my sis lives near Kwinana. Found work at Port Hedland and later at Karratha and over three years I had three x 8000km ((shortest route) 4 nights each way) return trips between there and home in Adelaide.

    The long way is definetly via Perth and Darwin..........